With IF’s being harder to trade with at current

After the huge success ive had with this trading emporium over the last few years and the fact that the market has changed significantly ive decided to re-open the emporium!

With IF’s being harder to trade with at current, people are struggling to make coins now and recup some of there losses from before the cap.

Also prices are still high and some people still dont have as many coins as others, so i want to try and help the community learn to trade and make some big coinage, easily, without lots and lots of effort.

What are we supposed to do?


Ok so this is the basics for people who never got involved last year or the year before.

We pick a player that performs well over the weekend with a potential for TOTW.

We buy him under the cheapist BIN and list for 900-1000 coins more than we paid inc EA Tax Now that the caps have been introduced we need to pick a player that is not at its MINIMUM price.

Ideally a player that has a low cap of 250 and a high cap of 5-6k

So for example:

Matuidi scores a brace (Example) he has a good chance of being in TOTW.

Buy him under cheapist BIN which is currently at 1200 coins for PS, can easily pick him up for 800-850 coins and re list the card at 900-1000 more than paid with EA tax inc.

Matuidi – Paid: 850.

List price 1900-2000 (covering tax with 100 coins) = 1000 coins profit per card.

Now the idea is to buy in BULK and list as many as you can, ideally if you dont have many coins try and get 2 pages worth of the card which is 22 cards as we are aiming for the lazy buyers to pick up our cards. When some of these cards sell, which is usually at the end of every listing re-invest in the card.

No point stop buying the card the more you invest the more you make!

List immediately as soon as you have a bulk of cards. IF he makes TOTW then he goes out of packs for the next week so we will up his list price again which will drive the market price up for his NIF

When TOTW is released on wednesday at 6pm (uk time) the player we have started investing in will be out of packs as his inform version will be added, so his NIF version will not be pulled from packs anymore hence we now control a huge number of that player and can start selling our cards for nice profit and fairly quickly aswell, as his demand will still be there but the amount of cards there are for him will be lower.

On last years thread people were making 100-250k per week with this method (depending on how much they invested) so i can firmly tell you that it works but you have to stick to it.

But why would people buy these cards when his cheapist BIN is 1000 coins less?

People are lazy, they want the card but cant be bothered to use the search tools to buy the player. Most fifa players will search for the player and buy off the first 1 or 2 pages (hence needing 22 cards ideally)

Ive been using this method since i came back to fifa in january and have gone from 5k coins to 1.7 million.

Because the cards we use are NIF’s and not trading currently at its cheapist list price theres a lot of room for profit.

With the cap introduced this works much better than before. In the last emporium we had to list at 400-500 but fairly high rated NIFs are so cheap this fifa you can make a killing.

This method also works now even if the player isnt highlighted for TOTW, if you can pick the correct player.

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