Why Do I Like Albion Online So Much

Also do they still have the prem status in the game and if so it does not make sense for them to have it as the game is buy to play and if they plan to keep it there. I will not support a greedy company and if they stay that greedy the game will go down as a whole.

I’ve been waiting for Runescape to be 100% free-to-play for a while now, after a good chunk of premium MMOs went for that model. But of course that never happened. Then came Albion Online. It’s like what RS should be in 2016 with its sandbox, multifeature system that beats RS any day. I’ve even made a post about it on RS forums, which was immediately removed because the folks over at Jagex were just a little too jealous about how much better of a game Albion is.

I was wondering why I kept hearing people mentioning this game, and after only on the surface watching some vids I wasn’t super impressed but still a little curious. Then mentioning that it was for android and all platforms I was leary thinking it would be a weak game but your video shows very much how, like you, I have been waiting for a game like this. Seems more like an open world and more sandbox like than most I’ve played that have such claims. Definitely gonna try this one! Thanks! (they ought to pay you for this advertising lol).

I feel like you’re still new to Albion Lord.. your skill tree says so too.. the game is actually a lot more shallow than you think and it’s likely that due to Albion’s poor guild management tools (and complete lack of attention to addressing this, which is one of the biggest concerns of almost every major guild in the game) the game is going to be a flop. The game was supposed to be released this spring but is now moved back to some point next year.

That being said, I’m still looking forward to the wipe on the first and am hoping that once SI is done with their new map they will actually turn their focus to the legitimate concerns of the community. I had hope for the game for nearly 3 years but now as we’re approaching it’s “Final Beta” I’m losing hope that this game will ever be anything more than the bare bones concept it currently is. Yes the skill tree faints complexity and diversity, but in reality there are 3 armor classes and 15 weapons. There are 8 crops and 3 livestock. The “variety” is a hodgepodge tiered item system that only serves to confuse novice players with the illusion of choice.

Again, I still want Albion to succeed but in it’s current state the game is likely to be long dead before it gets it’s full release. When over 80% of the game’s community quit months ago, you know you’re trying to beat a dead horse.

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