We must have had very different experiences


Yeah, I’m having the same problem as well, I don’t understand why they would put content such as thordan EX which is completely doable in the duty finder imo, and put it into a system that just doesn’t work, thus locking people from being able to do the content, I have yet to clear some of the EX primals they decided to put in the raid finder and I find I may never be able to as I hate creating pre formed parties due to rage quitters, and surplus of salt. I hope they fix this even if they just put them on both raid finder and duty finder…..

It has nothing to do with Sophia being out, lets look at the past, When Sephirot came out you could still join the duty finder for Thordan and get some runs in with out waiting for 30+ minutes, When Nidhogg came out, there was no change there either, could still get runs in duty finder. But with this new patch out where all high end ex primals being in raid finder, i have done more sitting around waiting for players for Thordan in both party finder and in raid finder than actually doing the fight. It was an colossal mistake, it looks to me like they wanted to satisfy the raid statics by doing that but completely forgot about the 90% of casual players. What they should have done is put in both, that would have satisfied everyone. That can still be done because the programming that had them in the duty finder is still there. This has made me angry just thinking about how im locked out of content. I bet that if they were to put in back in duty finder, the high end ex primals would be busy.

We must have had very different experiences, because I’d be waiting an hour + for Thordan in DF on a good day – and even if I managed to get in, the likelihood of getting a group that had any clue what they were doing was very low. While it’s certainly easier than it was at release, it’s hardly a pushover fight, especially at PuG level – the mechanics are pretty unforgiving, and at least with RF you can specify what part of the fight you’re at instead of getting put with newbies and never seeing past 60%. After a patch or two and our ilevel turns it into a joke, I imagine it will be moved to DF. Plus, as the above poster said, queue times for older duties go down the drain when there’s fresh content out anyway, give it a week or two and things will go back to normal.

I used to get ~20-30 minute Thordan/Sephirot Ex queues about every day (as tank/healer, but honestly most of the time we were waiting on dps). Now it’s pretty much impossible. The already small player base queuing for these has been fragmented across several options. Even worse is I can’t multi-queue for anything.

I wish the Raid Finder had more flexibility. I don’t particularly care if my group has cleared before or not, I’m happy to teach. I just want to spend my time fighting bosses, not sitting around waiting in a queue. At the very least, allow me to queue for multiple fights and put me in the one that pops first. (Even better would be to queue as multiple classes and assign me the one that’s needed most.)

Also, it’d be nice if the Raid Finder defaulted to whatever tab I was on the last time I used it. I don’t run savage, I’m not even meeting the ilvl req, so constantly having to change the tab is kinda annoying.

The fight phases I feel are a necessity for raid finder in some fights. Nidhogg Ex for example. I started raiding mid-August and none of the PUG groups I tried could figure out Fang and Claw even with explanations, videos, and a shotcaller in voice chat in the time we had.

That would be miserable in DF and it’s why we have fight phases. It’s great if people want to teach, but sometimes that’s not how you want to spend your night. People who’ve cleared and want to help can always join learning parties via PF like I do with Sophia EX, or just queue for first phase.

If Sophia is the new ex primal and everyone is doing it, then im missing something cause i spent the entire day today trying to run Sophia in the raid finder and guess what, it was a 30+ minute wait every time. This is horrible. I have been telling you that raid finder is a terrible system, but all i get is its because Sophia is out and everyone is running it, well its week 2 and i cant even get a run in raid finder for Sophia or even any of the other high end EX primals for that matter. SE better fix this atrocious mistake fast cause im starting to think about ending my subscription. I hope they fixed the monumental mistake with this maintence they should be doing today.

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