UNSEXY RIVEN (Blade and Soul)

It’s a basic combo. BoxBox did not have either his Tab escape nor his F roll. So you can basically CC chain him till he dies. Since he can’t do anything anyways. Also the opponent used fighting spirit buff which makes him deal tons of damage for 8 second. Check out shiro pvp for some nice KFM pvp.

Reminds me of the summoner combos you could do. Make them waste all their escapes, snare them and just pound away with sunflower . They get out of snare just use your counter to get the snare reset and snare them again.

Every warlock I have ran into is kind of a let down, I love the class but basically everyone I duel just spams counter and let’s they thrall do all the work and will occasionally use a combo before I die, way to ruin the class for me.

i tried to make the normal riven it looks 90 % like his because mine smiles i need the coins to change it and also i added green eye liner and eye shadow should of looked at vid before i made my character.

Guys pls tell me is this game very heavy for the pc and should have a better pc to play this properly ? And which is more heavy blade and soul or league of legends?

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