Trove Top 5 Worst Classes

Before 1 or 2 year the shadow hunter and knight NOT WORST CLASS because the revenant tomb raiser lunar lancer so op and then this classes forgot. Everybody telling the worst class before everybody selecting this classes…

man i didnt know that like in trove i only started like three days ago im doing good im already level 12 but i did not know that the knight was like that cause i actually use the knight but personally i like the class thank you for the input though.

i know it’s your opinion but with knight I do understand why he is bad in a way but he can heal himself fully with the 3rd attack, he can use a upgraded attack without cooldowns, he can stun enemies like 4 times, and he is extremely tanky.

I was watching this on my first day of playing trove . I play it on Xbox one and my favourite character became the tomb raiser as soon as I used it so im so glad that its not on the list.

Well, I’m main gunslinger and I noticed that you didn’t say anything about the ultimate skill, with gunslinger you could actually go u5 solo in dungeons with “low altitude” (and I have just 1130 pr) because the damage and the atack speed is very good, I don’t know if the game wasn’t updated or something but… that’s my opinion.

I know it’s your opinion but gunslingers… It dose not matter about the low dungeon because trust me when you get back down the bad guys are dead I tested it I think your gunslinger is just super weak.

really did this idiot say you miss with the shadow hunter OF COURSE YOU WILL its a fucking bow it doesnt have target lock and the ultime you have to time t if you do you will get 1 shot kill or really low health.

I think it is an ok class. It would be great, but almost all engagements are close range. However, if it were a big dungeon, taking it on with a buddy makes this a really good support class.

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