Tree of Savior Content Finished – Reasons Explained

If anything, I personally see that many arguments that does not fit to what I’ve experienced. But this is really my subjective views as both ToS and RO players who really ever get some serious time investment on the games… I’ve often argue/disagree many people opinion because they are just play, not trying to see how community/game mechanic goes..

I agree with most of it, doing quests is fine…if it’s your first character, otherwise I’d super rather grind somewhere than doing the same quests over and over again.I found a good low lvl spot to grind from 35 to almost 60 in Nevellet Quarry 2F, then some more quests ’till ~68, after that I’ll try Royal Mausoleum Workers Lodge to 90.

I’m constantly on the fence about quitting. Main reason is lag. I live in Texas and play on Orsha. Orsha is supposed to be an East Cost US based server. Why in the heck is my ping 130-900 and never constant? Literally a 2 second lag on skill casts. 4 autos coming through at one time. Mind numbing. Sometimes it’s good. Sometimes.

Yea, they essentially released an unfinished product. Something which everyone witnessed. Had one of the failest starts in gaming history, they had an attempt to swindle everyone with their pricing, bots nobody cares about.You can basically get 280 in 18 days, and their upcoming content is pretty much the same. This is basically an improved MU grinder.

Kind of a late comment, but one thing I hate about ToS that you didn’t mention is that 99% of the skills in this game doesn’t scale. As a level 226 Doppel, most of my skills falls off really hard late game and is nowhere near the damage Fletcher and Warlock does.

The best RO experience were private servers. The pace of the game was faster and you were able to maneuver so fast through out the world.. I thought this would bring back some of the RO nostalgia but, it’s all about the community and the people that you build relationships with. I would prefer the ablility to grind solo instead of being reliant on other players to do dungeons. Hopefully a group of people will setup a private server that address the current issues.

you should play ragnarok online now…but i totally agree with you…im still interested with the game my highest is currently 130…but made a bunch of characters already…and i hate that u have to literally do the same quests all over again for every character u make and like what u said skill descriptions are horrible and the trade system is the worst one i’ve seen in a mmo…like instead of controlling the bots they just fucked up the trade system so bots wont be exploited.

Linkers are not that strong, not even meta man. The most popular and used wiz builds don’t include linkers. I agree with some other things, I’m hoping it gets a bit better since I like the game, but the developers have been steadily disappointing me. This is not as half as good as RO.

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