Terrible a path the Shissar put the races of EQ upon by showing up


I think it would be great if, on the ebook page, you guys stated somewhere that they are in chronological order from left to right. I also think that even the new ebooks should be placed in their proper chronological order right away instead of being placed on the far left. A lot of people get confused about the reading order, which is why you made this thread in the first place of course, so I think if my suggestions were to be implemented, that problem would be nonexistent.

Wow, seeing it all set up in front of me like that makes me realize just how terrible a path the Shissar put the races of EQ upon by showing up. Tainting the elves from trusting other races (as well as setting up the Takish empire through Valinor’s efforts as general against the Shissar), retaliating against the elves by sending someone to sabotage the spire and cause the Ashfall, if that wasn’t enough for the Ring of Scale to doubt them they find out that the elves have been imprisoning and torturing dragons (thanks to Valinor’s son Miragul’s commands) which starts the Dragon War just after the mortal races are getting used to not being at war with scaled beings. Of course, that ends in their exile, only to end up back in the Shissar’s hands with a slave army already at their backs once they think they’re FINALLY safe. And THEN, when the combine and the slaves actually push their slavers back and close the portals to their world, a faction of the slaves decide to emulate their former masters, forcing them to flee again!

Also, a helpful resource is the EQNwiki if you want it all in one place with links to names and places that connect, albeit unfinished as it’s purely player driven and it’s a bit early in dev. Players update it with all info from the eBooks as well as the different posts from Moorgard here, which are easy to miss. (tip: check Moorgard’s forum account posting history for those specifically).

Frankly I wish there was more ebook coming out and actually lore seeping out like good old Moorgard use to do with the community. Tease us but keep us massively interested and on the edge of our seat.

Needless to say that is not that case now a days and rumors are starting to fly that EQN is nothing but vapor ware. Which rather sad to hear. Not saying that I agree with the rumors.

Now that they have been internal testing it has come to the point that the vault is sealed and nothing is coming out. There literally has been nothing at all word wise. Frankly it is saddening. The website is not getting updated enough or even in a timely matter now month it wasn’t updated at all. Hell workshop #50 has been out for 2 weeks on Youtube and probably another week on Twitch yet the site hasn’t had an update in 15 days and that was a landmark thank you video and that wasn’t even a video form DBG it was community made. It was also focused on landmark. Get to it the really update has been in 22 days. Last real news we had about EQN was the internal testing and that was months ago.

I am sorry to say this but if DBG continues to not interact with the community and provide updated information such as Producer Letters (last producer’s letter was in June 2015), various lore tidbits (last was April 8, 2015), stage of development, or other various way to keep the community interested in their product. They won’t have the hype that were expecting for their games, they will loose new and old players alike. Meaning they won’t have the funding the need to continue making games. In the end DBG/SOE will just began another page in video history collecting dust.

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