Star Wars: The Old Republic patch 3.1 adds Conflict on Rishi

A senior producer on Star Wars: The Old Republic mapped out the future for the game in a blog post last week and that future has started to arrive, with Bioware pushing out patch 3.1 across the board.

the old republic

Officially titled “Game Update 3.1: Conflict on Rishi”, the headline features include two new hard mode flashpoints called the Battle of Rishi and Blood Hunt. The former sees players “directly face the wrath of Revan’s forces”, while Blood Hunt pits players against the Mandalorian forces of the “infamous Bounty Hunter, Shae Vizla”.

The patch also marks the beginning of the 4th PvP season, which Bioware says will end with the release of the next update. “Giradda the Hutt and Baron Deathmark are carefully selecting new rewards from their vast collection of valuable possessions to honour those who are brave and skilled enough to rise above the competition,” the site adds.

Maybe it’s just been my experience, but as is the case with every update, it takes an age and a half to update, so you might want to get downloading if you haven’t already. In fairness, most of that time seems to be the installing and verification process as much as the actual download, although that’s probably not a good thing. But then I’m not a programmer, so who knows.

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