Save EXP cards to skip the end of EXP curves

Everything was easy pre-200, I’ll just taunt and use Seism (starting barb2) and most mobs would probably be dead or half dead. It only starts to get a bit hard when you get to the point where most mobs you would be facing have elite-level HP.

Whenever I visit a map, I make sure to do everything while I’m there, If I cannot do everything yet and have to come back later, I’ll save a backspace warp from any quests to come back later.

I also grind on any map whenever it feels like a good map to grind. Always do it, sometimes randomly strolling around would lead you to a shiny blue mob.


There’s a nice kToS leveling guide out there on the ToS subreddit for when to use cards and it tells you which levels to run dungeons for good exp. At level 50 you can run the dungeon on Tenet Garden map, at level 50 with a token, 3 runs will get you about 10+ levels, and running it again the next day for 3 runs should get you another 7-8 levels or so. I went from 50 to 69 in 2 days of dungeon runs with it (that’s 6 dungeon runs).

I know you said you do all the main and side quests, the guide will tell you to do all of the Klaipeda maps and all of the Orsha maps… not sure if that really helps with people’s leveling speed but it can be done as an alternative to running dungeons if you don’t like those- or just for more exp cards if you want to do those + dungeons.

When you hit 100+ you can run the Merc building mission-dungeons (whatever you like to call them), 3 times a day, located in Fedimian. Those gives a nice chunk of exp as well until level 200ish. Mostly everyone queues for the first one because it’s quick.

The only thing I’d tell you as an advice is: Save EXP cards to skip the end of EXP curves. Since they reset at a number of levels you’ll find leveling quite easy. Just gotta get the hang of it I guess.

I do read a lot of guides on leveling. While I do not have problem on how to level, I’m concerned about the AMOUNT OF TIME I spent leveling. (Most guides, if not all, don’t provide approximately how long it takes to get to certain level)

My goal in this game is to try many different classes (with decent builds, not just C1 on everything), so yes I do want to rush to a high level. I’m just a little worried that I am spending large amount of unnecessary time in game.

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