Poe4orbs Path of Exile ORBS Review

I don’t know why we didn’t review Poe4orbs before. Poe4orbs is the undisputed KING when it comes to POE ORBS.

Why is that?

Simple, they are the longest and oldest company (that I know of) that sells ORBS. Not to mention, that it is the longest running one. Poe4orbs has been in the ORBS market since 2010, which makes it 6 years old. (That shows they know a little something about this market!)

Poe4orbs Path of Exile ORBS Review

Looking at the website you can see some very important things. The first thing that I notice is the Anti-SPAM pledge which states:

“You will never see in game spam from Poe4orbs. Just like you, we game too. Nothing aggravates more than being pestered by ORBS sellers in game. We do not condone spamming in any form – in-game or email. We take the privacy of our customers very seriously, and do everything possible to promote the fun in gaming. Please do your part. Do not support spammers.” -From Poe4orbs’s website

That, to me, is one of the most important things. I have played Path of Exile since open beta and I have NEVER seen any kind of ORBS spam from Poe4orbs. On a side note, I ABSOLUTELY hate in-game ORBS spam more than anything else and I wouldn’t want to spend one cent with the companies that do spam in-game (end of rant).

The next thing I see is the which is very important. It’s good to know if something goes wrong they will bend over backwards to fix it. They are Hacker Safe, VeriSign secured, accepts Paypal for payment, and are R4PG.com “Customer Certified” based on 25,000 customers. That means they have acheived a proven track record of dependability and customer satisfaction.

As for prices, Poe4orbs has the cheapest compared to all the other top ORBS sellers we have reviewed. Get a whole lot more ORBS for your money this way. From the orders I have done in the past the delivery rate is pretty good and I only had to wait for ORBS longer than what they said only once.

Overall, from the great customer service, awesome prices, and good delivery time you will end up being pleasantly surprised like I have been before! If you are looking to buy Path of Exile ORBS then you MUST check out Poe4orbs.

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