POE 3.2 Builds: FAQ

This post only focuses on the Bestiary League itself. Poe will not be trying to cover other queries about Content Update 3.2.0 within this post. Also, pretty much every little thing right here is liable to change as Poe continue to iterate and tweak the league in the last week of playtesting.

Specifically, how does the core gameplay loop of this league operate?
Einhar Frey teaches you to capture the Beasts of Wraeclast and offers you some nets. You can capture any Beast you encounter, by throwing a net at it. As soon as captured, Einhar transports it to your Menagerie (which can be like a zoo) for storage. You are able to check out your Menagerie to determine your Beasts in their cages, and to fight them to craft items in the Blood Altar. The Best crafting recipes require particular combinations of Beasts and can generate some pretty fascinating results.

Your progress in the league is tracked within your Bestiary, which can be a book that may be accessed by pressing H on Computer (precisely the same screen together with the challenges on it) or pressing the Menu button on Xbox 1. It shows which beasts you have captured, how many of them are in your Menagerie, and which Best crafting recipes you have got available with these Beasts.

How complicated are the Best crafting fights?
They’re able to be genuinely challenging once you start to craft the higher outcomes. Fighting various rare Beast at after, particularly ones with Bestiary mods, might be very scary.

What sorts of things might be Best crafted?
There are numerous distinctive categories of crafting results that you just will come across helpful, such as each twinking items as you play through the story, and potent end-game crafting choices. You can see some already-posted examples here and right here. Poe is going to produce a complete news post about Best crafting results next week!

How is capture results calculated? What impacts it?
There is a random opportunity of capturing a Beast using a net, and it’s heavily influenced by how much life the monster is on and how powerful the monster is. Count on uncommon or exclusive bosses to be harder to capture. Improved nets help!

What occurs if a capture fails?
The net you utilized is lost, as well as the monster enrages. You could attempt to capture a single Beast as many instances as you want, although it really is absolutely risky to enrage the monsters.

How do nets work? Are they items?
Nets are stackable items that may be employed for one monster capture each and every. Early on, you’re offered some by Einhar, and also you can either purchase additional from him or to find them in the planet as drops. You can find ten tiers of nets, which are introduced inside a staggered way among the commence of the game and the highest-tier maps.

In any specific spot, you come across only two types of nets: the present acceptable ones, and sometimes, the subsequent tier. These higher ones are fantastic to make use of for challenging encounters.

Also, please verify out this development manifesto article about Nets that Poe posted soon after this FAQ!

What stops me getting to carry about ten distinctive forms of nets?
It truly is unlikely that you are going to should carry about far more than two kinds of nets at a time. The ones decrease than the existing proper tier won’t drop, so you will either run out of them or discard them. You’ll frequently carry the existing proper nets and ones from one tier up that drop sometimes. Additionally, they stack to one hundred inside the inventory, and to 5000 within the Currency Stash.

What sorts of Beasts can I encounter?
Also towards the huge selection of common Beasts in Path of Exile that can be captured, you will discover many tiers of new Beasts you are going to encounter as you play in the Bestiary League:

Uncommon beasts having a Bestiary mod. These happen reasonably usually (every area or so) and are harder than normal uncommon monsters. You’ll wish to capture these in case you see them, simply because these Beasts are often required in crafting recipes.
Legendary Beasts, that are exotic variants of other Beasts you could recognize. These take place periodically and are substantially rarer and tougher fights. They’re worth attempting to capture simply because most of the powerful Best crafting recipes call for one or much more of them.
Spirit Beasts. You will find 4 of these, and they’re available inside the end-game by Best crafting a portal to access them. They drop guaranteed exceptional items and may be captured to craft properties that synergize with those uniques.

How do I capture a Beast when I do so much damage that I just kill them quickly?
When a creature is within a net, it may not die, so if you are worried about killing it as well swiftly, throw a net initially and attack second. Legendary Beasts are signaled on the minimap before you encounter them, and they’re fairly tough noticeable fights. They’ve substantially more life than a regular uncommon monster, so they’re hard to kill by accident.

Can Beasts be traded?
Yes. After captured, they are able to be transferred into an item that may be traded with other players working with current protected trading procedures.

Will there be a minimap icon for Legendary Beasts?
Yes. They are simple to spot from a distance away, like Breaches and Abysses.

Can I go to other people’s Menageries?
Yes. You’ll be able to party up, enter someone’s Menagerie and engage in Best crafting or end-game Spirit Beast encounters together.

Is there a /menagerie command?

Are your Beasts league-wide or distinct for each character?
They’re league-wide. Just like the Atlas and your Masters, you share them amongst all your characters inside the league.

How do I bear in mind what Beasts I’ve and what Recipes are out there? Do I have to maintain going back to the Menagerie?
The Bestiary Book that you just carry with you has pages that record all of this. You’ll be able to press H to verify it out anywhere or press the Menu button if you’re on Xbox 1.

How numerous Beasts can the Menagerie hold? What occurs if a cage gets full?
The Menagerie is quite significant – it is spread more than several game zones. There’s a different cage per type of Beast and they will hold a restricted quantity. If a cage is complete and also you capture one more Beast of that kind, then your worst existing one particular is overwritten with the most recent. Poe is nonetheless balancing the amount of each style of Beast you may store.

What takes place if I die in or leave the Blood Altar fight?
Should you die or leave the fight, the Beasts you had been fighting are lost (they escape). If you want to have a further shot at that Best crafting recipe, you are going to have to discover replacement Beasts. Any item you put on the Altar for crafting will nevertheless be there, unmodified.

In Hardcore modes, for those who die in the crafting fight, your character moves back to the parent Regular league, as anticipated.

Will I have to farm numerous white monsters for high-level recipes?
Our intention is the fact that the hardest recipes require hard beasts to seek out and capture, as opposed to busy-work of discovering simple monsters that can die promptly.

What will happen to my Beasts when the league ends?
They’re merged back into the appropriate Common league, obtainable for the future if Poe continues to have Bestiary content material within the game in some kind. The choice of irrespective of whether Poe rolls it into core game content right after this league might be produced later within the league.

Will there be a challenge to catch all of the Beasts?
Yes, among the 40 challenges should be to complete your Bestiary.

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