[Path of Exile] Breach League Summary

This video has so many more words than an average hearthstone video. PoE should become more meme than it is, I think that’s the key to success. And the game does in fact think of itself very seriously, no fun allowed in the shattered world.

No he actually said his build on stream. He didn’t reveal tree or all uniques or gem setups, elemental AW guardian is his secret build. It has 20k armor, 20k evasion, 12k ES, 2k life, 1m single target dps, had max block before GGG nerfed Rumi. It’s not molten strike or any other build that people guessed. Some people confirmed that the math is correct and that the build is real. He just didn’t want to play it this time because it would take some time to prepare all things for this build.

poison is good but its WAY to slow compared to vspark or cospri u should try/watch those builds in action and u will want to delete ur character urs is cheap and efficient but u saw what happend 1 week playtime and quit/bored already cause its to cheap.

Mathil generally does fairly meta builds. Kripp makes cool builds but they seem pretty average compared to the kinds of stuff other people generally put out when they’re going for “unique” builds. GGG actually sometimes does videos on their channel called build of the week specifically to find interesting builds on the poe forums.

It is really hard to guess how strong those builds really are based on tier 7 map… Anyone with half a brain can run tier 7 map easily… That is why other streamers show their tier 13+ map runs/boss kills… because this content is actualy somewhat difficult..

I’m honestly curious and a bit confused about the appeal of games like this, (Diablo/PoE), even though PoE seems to be really interesting when it comes to customization and creativity, it just doesn’t seem fun to play. Why is it enjoyable to just run around one-shotting huge groups of mobs?

Always in search of more currency and god tier items. I think its more about the crafting of a good build than the killing of monsters itself, at least for me. Also, blowing up big groups of mobs and doing it fast feels good.

You misunderstood what he said. He does indeed get to your result as well. He goes from 100 base damage and 8% poison (so 8 dps) to 200 damage with 16% poison (which is 32 dps). He just didn’t finish the calculation, but he does mention doing 200 damage at 16% poison. Which is what you said.

POE has a lot of different endgames for a lot of different people. yellow maps are technically the best atm in terms of farming, so that’s technically an endgame for the level 100 racers, but I have doubts on Kripp’s ability in taking on the “final” content of the game. In particular shaper, which is a tier of maps over twice as high as the ones he was showing and scale exponentially, and Atzubey, which, is arguably much harder. And yes, Kripp was definitely playing yellow maps, and not particularly hard ones at that.

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