One Shots: Ignore physics and jump already!

Out of all of the reality-bending game mechanics that we deal with in MMOs on a regular basis, I’d have to say that my immersion is the most broken when I jump from fantastic heights and walk away with nary a crushed spine to show for it. And this particular diving board in Guild Wars 2 that’s like 300 feet above the water? Yeah, diving goggles aren’t going to help you with squat. But jump anyway!


Reader Mike took the plunge: “While playing my Norn Warrior, I found something I never saw before. Just above one of the waypoints in Lion’s Arch is a diving platform! The kind people at ArenaNet even had goggles and a swimsuit for you to put on before you take that massive dive into the cold waters below. It was so funny I just had to send it to you.”

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