New Year’s Special – Top 10 PoE Builds – Path of Exile Atlas of Worlds

Flicker strike has always been best build for clearspeed and all that, yet people tell that flicker is horrible or bad, but for some reason flicker strike is the only thing that I get to work in the game, everything else feels dull after a good flicker striker arrives.

Why does this game look so easy to someone like me whos a beginner? It seems like theyre one shotting every enemy in literally 1 sec, bosses die in 3 hits. Are these guys really op with gears and stuff or the enemies are usually easy to kill? Wheres the challenge in the game?

When you get godlike gear, thats when it gets easy… but It takes a looonnnggg time to get that kind of gear. The fun is trying to make your build work, or make new builds. Like everything else in life, the fun part is the journey. Trying to get your character as fast and strong as possible. A ton of thought and stratagy in every build in the game… so many to choose from and try and play.

Surprised Chaos incinerate was picked as no. 1, when so many great and innovative ones were foregoed. Nonetheless I love this channel, even if I prefer building my own, or put my own spin on it. The builds don’t seem cookie cutter, yet very solid, and I like that, and the format is very clear and concise.

Tornado Shot is one of the few remaining shotgun skills. It isn’t full on shotgun but 1 shot can count multiple hits of dmg if you have more than one projectile firing out. 1 secondary proj per primary proj explosion can deal full dmg. So, if you use GMP and all 5 explosions have a secondary that lands on the target you deal 5x what your sheet dmg shows. This is why getting the +2 secondary projectiles for Tornado Shot is simply ridiculous with a high tier bow + GMP.

If you play a raider flicker you are going to have around 180% movement speed so its not a big problem. Also, with good clear speed you should not turn around for anything less than a chaos tbh.

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