Mu legend Endless Tower Find Growth Goods growing Your Wings

Wings are extremely important in MU Legend, enabling you to change your look and increase your combat power. To be able to make them stronger, it’s essential to acquire the important materials within the Endless Tower. Players at Lv. 65 can enter it in the Space of Duty, and it is only available 2 times per day, so it’s critical to run it on a daily basis.Also, many monsters seem on every floor, and some are boss-level monsters, so combat energy is vital. The larger you go, a lot more rewards you get, so players who would like to develop their wings have to operate with each other to succeed inside the Endless Tower.

Get Growth Materials

Enter the Room of Duty by way of a Travel Gateway in Order. After inside, you’ll find many specific dungeons. You need to be Lv. 65 to take on the Endless Tower. It is possible to acquire the Seal of Energy and give it to a merchant in exchange for mu legend zen to grow wings. You’ll also locate Jewels of Bless, which might be employed to enchant equipment.
Wings increase combat power, so growing them will make your character even stronger. This is the reason it is completely essential to enter the Endless Tower and acquire these mu legend items, and considering that it is only accessible 2 times every day, it is best to enter every day to get as many materials as possible.
You are able to use Auto Party Matching to collect members. There are actually 100 floors in the tower, and in an effort to get towards the larger floors you will need a 5-member party.

Should you die through battle, you can’t be resurrected. On the other hand, when the remaining party members clear the present floor you’ll be resurrected and may participate on the following floor. If all party members die, the challenge ends and everybody gets the rewards for the relevant floor.

Numerous monsters appear on each floor, and to defeat them swiftly you’ll need to perform AOE attacks. We recommend picking out skills that will attack huge areas! A point to note: When you clear a floor rapidly sufficient, you might skip some floors and go a little bit higher.

By way of example, for those who rapidly clear the monsters on floor 15, you will then skip directly to floor 25. In other words, the more rapidly you clear a floor, the quicker you’ll be able to clear the tower. The max variety of floors that could be skipped at as soon as is 9 and a sturdy party needs to have the ability to clear the 100 floors in a little more than ten battles.

Inside the tower, you’ll be able to check this information on the interface to the right. Here, you are going to see the amount of the subsequent floor that you are going to be proceeding to just after clearing the present floor. Also, you’ll notice that the next floor’s number gets decrease as it takes you longer to clear the current floor. Just after the battle is over, you will be moved to the displayed floor right after a certain time, or when all celebration members press the space bar to move on to the next floor.

The greater you go within the Endless Tower, the higher the rewards and also the stronger the monsters. Besides a lot of monsters that seem, you’ll face boss monsters who only seem inside the Rift or in other dungeons, so it won’t be easy to clear the greater floors.

Some monsters have auras and can be even tougher to defeat. As an example, a monster with a defense aura will have higher defense and will pose a greater challenge, along with a monster with an attack aura may have higher attack power, so you are going to have to be careful!

There are plenty of forms of auras apart from defense and attack, for example, these that recover HP, absorb harm and grant invincibility. You’ll find also auras that impact players nearby, such as Worry and Mana Burn auras. With this in mind, a superb technique is to defeat monsters with auras initially. For the monsters with auras that inflict debuffs, it is advisable to work with ranged attacks.

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