MMO Holiday Events Guide 2014

APB Reloaded: It’s time for the year to go out with guns blazing. A new game mode, the 12 Deaths of Christmas, is a free-for-all reverse gun game with rewards including Secret Santa Boxes, rewards, skins, and more. Each Holiday Box creates a new random weapon, and giving to others will let players earn a new skin and a chance to win the FAR ‘Charger.’ Or grab a Snowball Launcher and enter the Snowball Wars for a Santa Hat and Reindeer Antlers. Still not satisfied? Play each day for a special Christmas present (so long as you achieve 10 unique kills). Or have you been banned? Redeem yourself by donating ten hours of community service and you may earn the right as one of ten players from each server to have your ARMAS moved to a new account.

ArcheAge Xmas 2014

ArcheAge: The first Winter Maiden Festival has arrived with seasonal items, snowmen building, a new level 50 dungeon (the Sea of Drowned Love) and the dangerous Red Dragon in the Karkasse Ridgelands – all available until January 8.

Armored Warfare: Everyone can claim a special free Commander from now until January 18 at this page. Players only need to log into their existing account, or register for an account, to claim their reward.

Battleline: Steel Warfare: Get festive with the Seasonal Supply event, and earn special presents for completing PvP battles! The winter event runs from December 23, 5pm Pacific until January 6, 3pm Pacific.

Santa Tony 1418994039

Block N Load: From now through January 6, any player can earn an exclusive and permanent Santa skin for Tony Turretto by completing 20 friendly games.

Champions Online: Misfit Toys are at it again! Battle in a five man instance, collect free gifts, and face off against the world boss Clarence, a robot teddy bear. More details can be found here.

DCUO Player Items

DC Universe Online: Take on the Orange Lantern Corp in the open world, or confront Larfleeze in a special boss fight. All previous years’ feats and rewards are back in addition to this year’s new feat, collection, styles, and base items, and are available until January 6. See more here.

Defiance: The Volge have decided to protest Solstice celebrations! Participate in events for a chance to get new Radiant Solstice weapons, special arkfalls and outfits, and more. Collect five gifts for your work and you can collect a special legendary weapon themed after the 12 Days of Christmas. If you’re looking for something less violent, help the Tarr family with a special reindeer scavenger hunt.

Dragon’s Prophet: The Silver Dragon Festival has arrived, but goblins and giants have decided to try to spoil the festive mood. Use the Great Dragons’ gift of light to make snowballs and snowmen to restore the peace. The event lasts through January 15.

EverQuest: Frostfell returns with a series of special holiday quests, special themed items in the Marketplace, and a special visit from Santug Cluagg from December 24 through December 26. Learn more about this year’s event here.

EverQuest II: The Frostfell Wonderland Village is open now through January 8, offering holiday-themed quests, new craftables, daily presents, and a new quest: The Great Candy (Cane) Chase. Details on this event are here.

Firefall: Father Wintertide is calling on players to help him fix his rocket sleigh. You can also join in the Snowball Fight arenas to challenge friends or strangers, and earn special rewards by playing Whack an Elf! You can learn more here.

EQII Frostfell Santa Glug

Forge of Empires: The first major holiday event to run concurrently on FOE mobile, players can get two new buildings and earn special star currency through holiday quests from December 1 through January 5.

Fork Parker’s Holiday Profit Hike: No, not really an MMO, but we can’t exclude Devolver Digital’s free to play parody game with plenty of snark for end-of-year video game sales! You can find it free on Steam.

Forsaken World: Visit Winter Heights to begin your quest to collect presents scattered around the world. Pets and other rewards are waiting.

Grepolis: Players can use the daily Wheel of Fortune on Tyche’s Calendar, which includes new rewards and rituals.

Guns and Robots: From December 18 through December 25, win free holiday accessories by gathering cookies in the Cookie Thieves challenge, or bash open presents in The Ghost of Christmas event for a chance to get Frostie’s head.

Heroes Charge: Join the community on Facebook for fireside chats and chances to win gems!

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