Lots of people complaining that BnS was pay-to-win

I remember lots of people complaining that BnS was “pay-to-win.” Having come from a much worse MMO in this regard, I always white knighted and claimed that, “nah, this is pay for convenience.” I kept making this argument even as it became obvious that mysterious crystals almost never drop from cold storage and that pet drop is also extremely low meaning that realistically you have to pay if you want a good pet and gems. However, I now give up. You released that insane energy that gives people an extra 450 AP on hit for 6 seconds and there are people that already own it day 1 of release.

These people of course paid massive money and now can steamroll over anyone without this energy. Congrats. You are now pay-to-win even in my eyes. I know nothing will change, but just thought I’d give you some feedback. Believe me, I love this game. If I didn’t I would have just moved on quietly. However, I find myself annoyed more day by day. My faction is completely outnumbered and I know that one of the people that lives in soul stone plains has this energy. Maybe he is the boss of the gold sellers to afford it? I don’t know. But, if I have no chance to compete anymore, can I at least have more grooming options for my cat?


They farmed for nearly a year a ton. Meanwhile the minority faction had to struggle with not just numbers, but less options to farm. No attempts for catch-up farming for the smaller side to close the gap. Later on 6v6 and Mushin’s Tower are nice, but does nothing to show a faction can get something done or even exist.

Your soul might cut of all RNG but is still more expensive to upgrade. That was not designed to get it on day 1 unless you buy gold from gold sellers. How is that not pay to win? Please enlighten me. We are talking about over 20k gold worth of materials. Meanwhile with RNG, you can still get it easily with 7k gold on CN. Not to mention an even cheaper better soul you can obtain than the one we just got.

For the record, I am not free to play. I am rank 10 VIP and I have invested money into the game such that I have almost all heptagonal gems (except my diamond), but the money involved in getting the energy ON DAY 1 is more than I am willing to spend. That’s blue whale level money. And you know by the time people catch up, they will release some other super expensive melt-your-face item that these same people will again get on day 1.

Alright honestly as much as I want to believe that this game isn’t pay to win, I just can’t help feeling that as more content rolls out and new legendaries and souls get introduced, f2p players just get thrown further and further behind. But, given that basic HM AP gems are now available through events and now even the AP 8 HM Peridot can be obtained through the event, it gives hope that the future upgrades of the gem can be obtained through similar ways as well. And to be honest, other stuff like pets can be bought from the marketplace for relatively cheap but you have to invest a shit ton of gold just to get the legendary pet though which is not necessary if you want to PVE only but incredibly good if you want to PVP.

Even though our soul doesn’t have the RNG or upgrade fails which people detest so much, you can’t deny that it requires A lot of resources (total needing around 63 sacred oils, and each of them is also around 300G right now). Do you really think a free to play player, even if you’re a hardcore grinder, can achieve it? If you know someone who can, let me know cuz I need to know the secrets.

All in all, It feels like the game is easy and not p2w to a certain point, and then it gets incredibly hard and time-consuming to upgrade afterwards without investing money into the game. However, I do think that upgrading to that stage is over-kill and most if not all content does not actually require that kind of stats. Unless people are actually denied to clear content in the game without spending money to upgrade their gear, then it’s a true p2w game in my opinion.

The game is Not That pay to win, I just want to put it there. It is Manageable for free to play players. It just requires a bit longer and more hard work, which is how the game and other servers designed to be like. however! it is pay to win, when people try to exploit the game and gain their finance resource else where. Like screenshots of people spending over 40k gold buying moonstones! Where did they get that amount of income? Especially if that is from very beginning of the game. When they abuse the game like that, those of us who play legally are getting affected by it big time, such as 6v6 and Infinity Tower.

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