Let’s Go Meet Our Proxy Queen Alwinarwe

Lets go meet Alwinarwe

While Queen Ayrenn unquestionably rules the whole of the Aldmeri Dominion, she entrusts our prime Elf homeland to her beloved cousin, Alwinarwe. Find out about the Proxy Queen within our first Satisfy the Character for that Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset!

Dearest Cousin,

It comforts me a great realize that within my absence, my personal favorite and many-reliable cousin Alwinarwe watches over Summerset and sits upon the Alinor throne. After I would be a young girl, you had been someone I researched and respected. As my older cousin, you trained me a lot and inspired me not only to seek perfection but to do this in the most creative and enlightened manner as you possibly can. After I came back from my travels, you had been among the first of Summerset’s nobles to aid me and accept my ascension towards the throne. You’re regal, beautiful, and cultured with techniques I’m able to never match. Could it be any question I made you my surrogate?

I place a lot upon your fair shoulders, dear Alwinarwe. You have to stand it for me personally at each governmental meeting, ceremony, and public event. And also the balls and dinner get-togethers, it should be terribly annoying to need to smile and wave constantly! Frankly, that’s negligence my royal duty which I find most tiresome. But where I’m hard-pressed to cover my true feelings such matters, you’re the consummate professional, able to pretending you care even just in probably the most excruciating conditions. I admire that. I truly do.

I’ve heard it stated that you’re old-fashioned and hang in your ways. That may be true, to an extent, but less than you’re close-minded with regards to our people and also the betterment of Summerset. After I requested you to definitely function as my regent and undertake the mantle of Proxy Queen as I worked significant matters in other areas of our kingdom, you agreed without hesitation. I understand how much jobs are involved, however, you handle your responsibilities with elegance and elegance and virtually no complaint. I could not request a better representative. That can bring me towards the primary reason for this letter.

I know your stern expression while you read these words. I am certain you are telling yourself, “What does Ayrenn want from me now? She always states such nice things before she requests the impossible.” Oh, cousin, how good you realize me!

Alwinarwe, my dearest cousin, I’m going to issue a royal decree that directly concerns Summerset Isle. Once we have discussed more often than not, I’ve finally made the decision to do something upon my inclinations and open our fair and wondrous island to traders, immigrants, and visitors of descriptions. A duplicate from the decree obtained care of for you inside a separate package. I realize this decision is the opposite of the help you have given me previously and most likely bends your Altmeri sensibilities nearly towards the breaking point, however, I need stand fast and make certain my wishes are adopted towards the letter. The Country and our devote Tamriel rely on Summerset being a free and open land. I understand that you’ll support my wishes and serve me of course in this important endeavor.

I’m delivering certainly one of my agents, the attention from the Queen referred to as Razum-dar, to help you and behave as my ears and eyes one of the people. Do not let past grievances color your point of view. Razum-dar, well, that’s just his way. He rarely means anything because of it. And that he is really proficient at what he is doing. Utilize him as you can see fit.

So, Alwinarwe, please always keep my throne warm and my people safe. Welcome the newcomers with open arms along with a friendly smile. We shall be better correctly.

With all of my love, dearest cousin, I remain,



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