H1Z1 Early Access Sells One Million Units; More Than 5K Hackers Banned, Confirms Daybreak

There are no shortage of zombie games on Steam Early Access, where H1Z1 is currently sitting very near the top of the heap, but the latest word from Daybreak Game Company suggests a large swathe of the survival gaming community has turned its attention to H1Z1.

In a new series of tweets, Daybreak president John Smedley offered the H1Z1 community a quick glance at the progress being made by various segments of the H1Z1 team. Smedley’s tweets included updates on the game’s latest sales figures, new statistics from the H1Z1 dev team’s ongoing war on hackers and word of another server group coming online this week.

Most important among the announcements — at least from a business perspective — was confirmation that 1 million copies of H1Z1 have been sold to consumers, making it one of the few projects to find such success in Early Access. We didn’t get a regional breakdown, to let fans know where the game is most/least popular, but fans should still be excited to hear the H1Z1 community is still growing.

Smedley also offered an update on Daybreak’s ongoing efforts to rid H1Z1 of the many hackers who’ve been running rampant on the game’s servers. The Daybreak boss says more than 5,000 hackers have now been banned by H1Z1’s anti-cheat team, which we’d like to think would have some impact

Last, but certainly not least, Smedley announced that a new group of Australian servers are now online; theoretically eliminating the need for fans Down Under to deal with the regular lag that accompanies playing games like H1Z1 on servers outside of their home region. There’s no word on which region(s) the studio will turn its attention to next; however, we wouldn’t be shocked to see a few South American servers brought online in the future.

Unfortunately, this week’s updates didn’t include any word on when fans might expect H1Z1 to make the jump to PlayStation 4. Daybreak has previously confirmed plans to bring H1Z1 to consoles; however, the studio has never offered up any sort of timeline for when to expect the first wave of H1Z1 ports.

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What do you think of the news that H1Z1 has already sold 1 million units? Still planning to wait until the game ditches the Early Access label before trying H1Z1 for yourself? Not especially interested in Daybreak Game Company’s zombie-survival game?

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