Guild Wars 2 : New Daily Achievement Tracker Debuts with Wintersday

A new blog post has appeared on the Guild Wars 2 site that reveals the brand new Daily Achievement tracker that has arrived with the Wintersday update. Dailies are now divided into PvE, PvP and WvW tabs and, most notably, rewards will be ‘thematically tied’ to the type of daily that is completed.

In addition, a new ‘log in rewards’ program has started that combines rewards from daily and monthly achievements along with some brand new things to give players incentive to log in every day.

Read the full post on the Guild Wars 2 site.
One of the things we want to do is reward players for being fans of Guild Wars 2. So we’ve moved the original rewards from daily and monthly achievements, thrown in some new items for good measure, and combined it all into a new bonus system that rewards players just for logging in to the game. The first time you log in each day, you’ll receive a new bonus reward. The items on this new reward track are not only a combination of the previous daily and monthly achievement rewards but also some additional items we’ve added, including bags full of trophies needed for crafting and an exotic equipment chest guaranteed to give you an item for the profession of your choice.

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