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I make 50-150 g a day. Though I am premium but that one I got gifted from another player and of course I paid him but still 400 g well spent. That amount is only with 1-4 h of SSP and all the Silverfrost purple dungeons if I feel up for all that. Sometimes I do only half of that. Trick is to know what to craft and when to sell. I would already have Blaeful on one character for sure if I never sold gold to buy outfits (5+ of them) and if I didn’t decide to make other character as my main after reaching 661 AP on my BD. Now I have two 600+ characters as super lazy partial F2P gamer.

Oh look it’s another thread from people who feel entitled to get everything easily without putting in any effort. No surprise that now when true scorpio is so much easier to get with huge cost reduction and super cheap mats on market people start complaining more about legendary. It’s a legendary, it’s a luxury to have and not something that is needed for any content. It’s supposed to be hard to get and heck it isn’t even that hard anymore with market prices being so low you can get legendary in a reasonable timeframe.

Also you aren’t forced to gamble your mats you can just buy the stones from market, but of course you know that and that by itself is not the reason you complain, you complain because the failchance raises the price and you want everything super cheap handed to you.

I understand your opinion and I do feel it does seem reasonable in a way but you just admitted that you don’t even bother with transmuting premium Silverfrost transformation stones in the first place so you’re unfamiliar with the feeling of having constant streaks of transmutation failures. I think if you farmed and tried transmuting the premium Silverfrost transformation stones, you and some of the others in this thread might feel differently.

While you are partly right about that – it is a legendary and not everyone should have it. But it also should not be like – yeah i farm less than others but got lucky with the transformation and got my premium stones – lalalalala…. If not everyone should have it – the simpler solution is to make them more expensive and remove the chance of failure in return – this would at least be fair.

I heard CN and TW had some Baleful Nebula stones.They were reduced the premium stones by those ; so you just had to use 1 premium stone. I don’t know exactly – they were some posts on reddit about this Legendary Nebula Stone.Maybe we can also get such here? Who knows.Might we get some reduction for legendary weapon,but again,not sure when this gonna happen,probably when they think that ppls can’t keep up long with constant failures ,because the gold that you can obtain is much more less at this point and ppls started to loose patience and hope- the failures rates are just too big for our resources by now.We will see in next 3 or 4 months- or less HC players will start probably to loose interest while they can’t keep up with their friends.Personally, I think we will get this legendary Nebula,but again,is just my opinion.

I read this thread before I logged into the game. I have already had one failure going for a SPTS and was like screw that. Thought I would give it another go and this morning mine procced. So now I’m 1 from 2 but I have to say I hate this style of game play. I play games to have fun not to end up feeling sad because things are rng and rng hates me.

Let’s say you had a Wood Axe(placeholder name). To upgrade that to a Wood Axe +1 you could sacrifice a second Wood Axe and some enhancement stones. The second weapon and the stones would be consumed and you had a high chance for it to go to +1 that would decrease for every extra rank you put into it as well as the level of the weapon(Level 10 weapon chances weren’t too low, but level 110 weapon chances were super low). To upgrade it to +2, you would need two +1 Wood Axes and more enhancement stones. Failing an enhancement would not break your weapon, but it could get costly when you have weapons that drop rarely. A good example was the Officer’s Shotgun which dropped rarely off of mobs that you could only kill in the Nation dungeon that could only be accessed by having your Nation leader use a key that only came from having one of their guilds own a certain town(pretty sure they’d get a certain limited number each week) or by buying it from the people who do own that town(if they chose to sell them).

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