Final Fantasy XV Demo Won’t Let You Drive The Car

The Final Fantasy XV demo will have a surprising piece of removed content. Although it’s figured prominently in teaser trailers, you will not be able to drive the car in the demo.

Director Hajime Tabata explained that this is a deliberate choice, and not due to any form of limitation. Tabata wants fans to experience the game world and its characters, and at least for the moment, that takes priority over other aspects of the game.

Tabata also argues that this change will make the demo more accessible for older Final Fantasy fans. However, one can argue that the Final Fantasy games have always been about change, and this will give the impression that the demo is drastically different from the final game.

Or maybe not. After all, we do not know yet how Square plans to get around the driving segments in the game. Will players only be stuck in one area? Or will they get to be in the car while it goes on autopilot?

What do you think about this last minute change to the demo? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

The Final Fantasy XV demo will be available as part of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be available on March 17 in the US and March 20 in Europe.

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