Final Fantasy XIV : Power Leveling Guide | 2016

What Server you on? I feel like returning since I haven’t played since end of 2014. I see so much they added and I missed so much. I feel like switching my char to a different server.

Something i’v learned: floors 1-10 are the most EXP efficient floors out of the whole palace. Since with each set of 10, the time it takes to complete aforementioned set increases by a significant amount, while increasing your EXP gain by a smaller margin (by floor 50 it’s about double the exp you get from 1-10, but it takes about 3-4 times as long to complete unless you’re going fast). Finish POTD all the way through once for the sake of doing it, and then run floors 1-10, erase data, and run it again. It takes maybe a minute at most to get an entire matched party, and i’v been completing 1-10 in about 5-10 mins tops.

Not to mention with the amount of times you’ll be running it you’ll still be getting some upgrades to your aetherpool stats, since they aren’t hard locked after a certain strength in lower level floors, just the chance of silver chests working goes down. But I got my WAR from 30-50 in about 2 days with lots of breaks, and got an entirely new aetherpool up to +28/+23.

I’ll give this a shot. I’m a level 60 bard, but I’ve been neglecting my sides. Need to get my lancer up so I can get blood for blood and actually be an effective DPS while still supporting the party.

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