FFXIV Stormblood: Monk or Dancer? Information & Thoughts

The thing I find funny… is that she is obviously modeled after Yang’s Daughter, Ursula, from Final Fantasy 4 the After Years. Obviously, it seems like no one has played the sequel to FF4, because if you had, you’d notice that, and automatically realize that she is a monk.

however I also know there is a fair share of players on FFXIV that have never played another FF game let alone a sequel to one. and the other margin of players started with FF13. only the long time fans like us would realize something like that.

He presented all of the information with logic and reasoning. But sometimes there’re some people that without any of these post theories for the sake of it. Some theories are too stupid to be taken seriously and nobody should even pay any attention to them. It have the potential to miss-inform people and that’s always a bad idea.

if the thread owner thinks Mr. Happy is telling people they’re stupid, he or she is not seeing the whole picture. The only theory Mr. Happy didn’t think much of was the red mage. It was comic relief to put it in there because no one actually thinks she is a red mage. The supporting details can’t even back it up. If the thread owner was just joking around, I see no problem. Anways, I could care less about whether the TO os being seriously butthurt. I only cared for the one comment with the above average diction, if that makes sense.

The fact that she’s dancing at the beginning is at the very least a very good troll by Yoshi-P to hint that Dancer is at least one of the new jobs in Stormblood. Not necessarily that the lady in the trailer is a Dancer though.

I think it’d be kinda neat to see Dancer be a new melee DPS job instead of Healer. Maybe Red Mage can be the healer and Samurai would be an obvious choice for Tank though it’d be kinda boring to have yet another Tank with a giant sword job. But it just seems the obvious choice.

The teaser for Heavensward showed the Derplander observing a Dragoon and then switching to one himself at the end. This teaser seems to be done in the same fashion; the Derplander is already a Monk and probably training. OH! And on a side note, going with Theory #3, that could also make the Derplander a Blue Mage, huh?

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