FFXIV Heavensward: Famitsu Interview Reveals More on Astrologian and More!

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I love the new details on the Astrologian that were in this interview. It really sounds like they are trying to make them fit with either Scholar or White Mage as the 2nd healer in a raid composition.

0:00hello everyone mister happy here and in this period were gonna be taking a look
0:03at the firm it to interview with Yoshi p it happened last week in it packed
0:07east however it wasn’t put on line until March 13th so
0:10a lot a little extra tidbits of information here are a lot it makes it a
0:14lot of stuff we already knew
0:15but I would like to thank the 47th Sen on reddit proposing loose translation
0:19nobody gave us the important details and
0:21really that’s all that matters I’m gonna be skipping through a lot of the stuff
0:24here like you know how 3.31 I was originally are scheduled for May 18 how
0:29long the benchmark video originally was a
0:31you know hour on how their gears can interact with their
0:35with their horns and everything like its good information and we need to know it
0:38the one thing I
0:39there’s more the two things you actually don’t wanna skip is like famous Final
0:43Fantasy characters gonna be appearing in ish guard
0:45speculations now we think they’ll be all other than PCs are gonna be moving the
0:49is card like we’re away no i said im
0:52other ones public Biggs and wedge is well Geralt going to be moving
0:55on there’s going to be diligent outpost that existed back at one point I’ll
0:59probably in the courts in western highlands more specifically
1:02I and one of them survives on choc bowhunting which is an interesting
1:06concept that I
1:07don’t want to talk about this makes me sad a big war aspect is the seven
1:11heavenly Dragons will be key to the escort quest
1:14nes back Bahamut timid and more they’re gonna elaborate a little bit more
1:17Bahamut story so even if you’ve already finished the final quill expect this
1:21still see that name around his card a little bit
1:23and also for those who don’t know Omega Weapon will find out more about him as
1:27now it comes to the new jobs this is really where the meat
1:30at the information came in so huge announcement Srinagar to spell speed and
1:35skill speed
1:35the way that the new jobs are gonna work I love the information came and the
1:39South when working with boss they said they wanted to avoid Final Fantasy 11
1:42Aug you know where Jesus was just
1:44ridiculously overpowered stacking as much as possible get the auto attacks
1:48going faster
1:48was a big deal so that’s why schools been spotted fever kinda
1:52week in 2.0 or the two-point x-series however
1:55the stats are going to be reworked coming into the expansion I heard
1:59whispers have this outsiders
2:00interview but we didn’t really get it into this much detail
2:04there’s going to be a huge change to them going 3.0 even so much to the point
2:08where stall speed and skill speed are going to affect
2:11or dots directly this likely means a reworked love the way that the current
2:15dots and hot system actually applies
2:18I’m hoping that hot so also affected by it so regions can get their techs of
2:23faster as well as the Summoner once it could also just more directly influence
2:26the damage and not actually change the
2:29dot taking system a following that server clock but
2:32one can only hope that’s I’m glad to see they have you know
2:36changes planned for schools within small speed wait and see if they actually are
2:39so then when it comes the dark knight. the they’re talking about NP again we
2:42kinda 30 countries in the video
2:44arm they talk about a level of darkness that is makes for even stronger actions
2:48and skills
2:49and I jokingly I don’t know if this was the person who translated it or if it
2:53was no CP said you might want to stock up on piety material for you Dark Knight
2:57all hours our judgment on that one astrologers though it was a very very
3:01interesting thing we found out that the two states as they have
3:03are a healer stance and a barrier stance on almost like switching between a white
3:07meat on a scholar on the lie
3:09%uh the two stances are called the super yummy and the whole she only which means
3:12moon reader and star Rita respectively
3:14so spells are basically the same regardless of what state you’re in as an
3:19but the pending on which danger impeaching slightly like it’s the same
3:23imagine if cheered it something different while you’re clerics that
3:26something like that
3:27so a spell may be a big direct he’ll in healer stance or maybe a small hill with
3:32a bear like colloquium in
3:34barrier stance its really interesting to see that they now have all the skills
3:38that have
3:38to different functions I’m I’m hoping it’s not just one or two skills that
3:42this that’s a fact hoping in effect
3:44all large variety of skills so that’s a great piece of information and another
3:49piece is
3:49draw your cards are so apparently there is a Dec
3:53that you draw from and the card you choose is random so I wouldn’t draw back
3:57or get to decide I want to
3:58use it or do I wanna see the and combine it with the next part that I draw an
4:02order for strong at
4:03make a stronger fact this information actually came out a couple of other
4:06interviews I believe the gamers Cape interview
4:09was a big one where this was talked about on but that is a big thing so we
4:13learned a lot about the sergeant from this with the double stances and
4:16the card pulling so very very interested in seeing that
4:19we also heard a little bit more about machinist I we’ve now we’ve known that
4:23they’re going to be using attachments are gonna have the turrets that are
4:25gonna have bluffing in debugging allies
4:27however their is explanation here are more about the attachments on the rifle
4:33so for example one of the things you can do is you can put an attachment on it
4:36that makes you more like a cannon %uh they said there but there’s a charging
4:40animation that you can
4:41hold down and get ready to fire for really big attack
4:44and its think a bit like Mega Man the date call rockman
4:47but I think it like Mega Man charge attack it’s gonna look like that
4:51however if you move it resets the charge you a big part a machinist you are going
4:55to be mobile
4:55but a big party machine is that step up from BART is there’s gonna be point we
4:59wanna see
5:00if your position is perfect so you can stand there get the super powerful
5:03charged up attack going
5:05and do as much damage as possible I like that interaction with the very mobile
5:09ranged DPS
5:10giving them a reason to go immobile and just
5:13destroy everything on however attaching the attachment
5:16is instant I so I’ve you need to do it on the but if you need to constantly be
5:20on the move just don’t use them
5:22so lot that’s the big thing when you use your attachment make sure you have time
5:26to just stand still to use them
5:28on there’s also a gunpowder slash ammo type of you don’t actually have him on
5:32your inventory
5:33but I he didn’t the storm elaborated on this there is going to be a reload
5:36action something we also have heard from many of the other interviews
5:39however this little elaboration with the being emo Bob sorry hit my microphone
5:42right there
5:43is a nice little tidbit as well so I i’m love the new job information that came
5:47outta this interview
5:48definitely comment on the in the comment section below because I know a lot of
5:51people were waiting for more
5:53astral ocean information and that is a big thing so i’d
5:56dragons gonna show off the new album 3 soon this says it was supposed to be
6:01today during the producer live letter that I translated that not that I
6:04translated that opposed to the translation for before this
6:07they may have AXA actually meant it’s going to be at the live letter twenty
6:11which is the on April 11 it didn’t show up today
6:14I wish it did but then are also occur nobody’s gonna be
6:17redesigned to their respective jobs we knew this already a Bard’s winter break
6:21is also gonna be shifted away from the healer lb for those you
6:24didn’t know now the barrio specifically talk about astral ocean
6:28lb three ended is going to be called celestial stay sustainability they had
6:31in tactics
6:32on it’s not actually gonna stop time which is what it did back then
6:35on it’s basically the healer I’ll be free so
6:38that’s what they’re going to be doing I’d actually quite reckless the way it
6:41implemented it’s it’ll seem like time stopping suddenly everyone’s that’ll
6:45I i’m just it’s a healer I’ll be free from lamb understanding that their
6:49individual lb threes in a min alone other big thing as well item level we’ve
6:53been hearing that item level with the Alexander Normal and Hard there’s going
6:57to be a wide gap between them
6:58which is why it too soon you’ll need Alexander normal gear to sufficiently do
7:03Alexander hard mode here
7:04I’m so I double between each patches
7:07actually going to be a lot higher however with the difference and I love
7:11with alexander Normal and Hard
7:12there’s more room to put content in between that
7:15so that you can gear up for alexander hard mode others blot more in between
7:20options that we can wait to see new daily quests with the I guess
7:23you know more be spent right place there something like that are in 3.0 fire 3.1
7:27they haven’t decided yet the FatCow couple make it the ability to fly
7:31and the neck so react what inquest or you know the continuation or sequel they
7:35still haven’t decided that yet
7:36continue 3.0 knew that already it is still the same concept you
7:40dedicate a lot of time in exchange for Sri so
7:44there might be some changes to the way it’s done but expect a very similar
7:48overall in the new areas I doubt snowboarding sector here
7:51don’t get too hyped I know you Final Fantasy seven players out there like
7:54snowboarding as I was going to go closer you should he was speaking in his
7:58opinion how he would like to see snowboarding implemented
8:00therefore don’t take any of this for
8:03you know proof that it’s gonna happen later but again the last time you should
8:07be mentioned something that he was just
8:08was just
8:09his opinion it ended up in the game was called machinists trip so
8:13you know hours our judgment also with crafting in gathering
8:17there’s a section here with a talk about how you know it what
8:21originally crafting this was to be like you can do everything on a character
8:24what it eventually turn into which you must do everything on a single character
8:28so now that’s why they’re implementing the the the specialist tears in the
8:33scripts system
8:33in order to change things up and give you a reason to specialize in a specific
8:38aspect of your crafters and gathers for example crafters are going to be able to
8:41become an apprentice
8:42at their respective guilds and they’re gonna be able to learn new skills &
8:45recipes by becoming a specialist in a specific
8:48area so you can have more than 1i trade
8:51meister as it’s called but %uh there’ll be a delay before you’re allowed to
8:55now there’s also new things called crafter scripts and
8:58they’re currently called blue and red ships
9:01you collect them by polishing up in raising the quality
9:04in terms other than NQ HQ up some items so that sounds almost like the token
9:09away obtaining the new gear is using this new scripts system
9:13we really gonna have to get more information about that is that a very
9:16you know brief we can speculate on all we want but we just don’t know enough
9:20also %uh gathering obviously is going to be another big thing
9:23I there’s too much oversupply in the original gathering so they’re actually
9:27gonna have a way of doing know that in part i rly different every area is going
9:31to have their own
9:31Lawrence story and you’re not the one that your story before you can really
9:35go into are gathering in those areas is also talismans you can collect
9:40that reveal specific nodes does not it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be as
9:43much of a hey this notes want this time go there get it now everybody’s got it
9:47whatever it really seems like it if you wanna invest into gathering you have to
9:52into the land itself enough to show up in Biki on this level I can do whatever
9:57I want so
9:58again a lot of stuff a lot I’ve information we can really work with too
10:02much that we don’t know how it’s gonna be executed but overall I thought this
10:05was a great
10:06interview very replayed the bottom company crafting they mention that there
10:09are going to be
10:10to part to that one it’s launched a free company I house crafting an airship
10:14the house is like your I think that like clamor for house is pretty much how to
10:17describe here
10:18you’re going to be able to I’ll you know designer company house and more
10:21unique ways using the free company crafting system as for the airships I’ve
10:24already spoken about that the information is no different this person
10:27seems to agree with me in this a interview South and I they see me that I
10:30love having a relapse rate on it overall
10:32the new job information was really huge especially the Astros information I am
10:37really looking for two
10:38the information we’re going to be getting in the coming weeks April 11th
10:41isn’t too far away
10:42is also another I event ida nico nico I took it.
10:45in not in a on April 25th April 11 april twenty-fifth
10:49even nice chunk of information coming in that time
10:52really looking forward to seeing one of their plan for us in the expansion
10:56thank you so much for watching leave your thoughts on this information
10:59in the comment section %uh the video below be sure to Like Favorite subscribe
11:01and share keep up to date on all the latest
11:04final basic 14 information news guides everything anyway
11:08thank you for watching as you guys next time and until then take care

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