FFXIV ARR: The Steps of Faith Trial Guide

the steps of faith Guide the steps of faith Guide

WATCH ALL THE CUTSCENES THIS PATCH. PLEASE. Also, Dragonkiller. Rip Dragonslayer.

Fun little tip you might consider annotating in is how the cannons, when Vishap destroys them, don’t just explode for damage on players, but on any nearby enemies as well. An aware tank or tanks can pull any remaining adds, particularly the large sub-boss type adds from each wave, either between them to try and get double explosion damage from both cannons, or just on top of one. You might get a little damage yourself, but they take out a very sizable chunk of HP from those larger enemies and will buy you some additional time to focus on Vishap instead.

0:00hello everyone mister happy here and welcome to my guide for the steps up
0:04based the newest main story trial added in patch 2.55
0:08to enter this trial you must have a minimum item above 90
0:12and have unlocked it via the main scenario quest the steps of faith
0:15this fight differs quite heavily from the standard fighting a realm reborn
0:19your goal is to kill the boss this app before he destroys three wards in the
0:24final walter is cards entrance
0:26failure to do so will result in the duty failing and being reset from scratch
0:30if you died during this and sent it also recommended that you just
0:33return and run back to the by instead of sitting there waiting for a raise
0:37this app himself has very few attacks he is a few polio ease and a giant
0:41a Wii stun the most frightening thing you can do step on you
0:45which has massive damage and knocks back berries and do your best to avoid his
0:49feet on like you’re seeing in this video
0:51it’s mostly the ad you have to worry about really there’s a lot of them
0:54any all usability standard to the typeof dragon that they are
0:57basically you’ve seen all these enemies in stone but a hard mode before
1:01they all do the exact same thing make sure you assign wanting to pull the ads
1:05under Bishop between is fun to Lex
1:07don’t get stepped on you can use to tanks if you want to
1:11but the other tank is better off doing damage the bishop or helping with the
1:14other mechanics
1:15this will make the edge easy to kill what explain the main mechanic to the
1:19the ad sometimes run away an attack and PC so just do your best year
1:23so behind responding to the arena you’ll notice several cannons
1:27these canons operate very similarly to the ones in stone but so hard mode
1:31the first attack they have those 2k damage to anything it hits
1:34so you want to use attacked a Wii down the ads and if your positioning them
1:38it’ll also deal damage to the boss the second attack
1:42is a stun which only works on the ads it can be used a stun the mob’s
1:46especially the turtle ma that spawns when he does his giant a Wii
1:49all the regular stuns do work on the turtle as well
1:52and the third attack places a puddle that reduces enemy movement speed on the
1:56ground this is a two useful with all the ads just being
1:59under the boss though the NBC’s do recommend that you use it to slow down
2:03the bias that one
2:04up to the cannons and attacked them and just ignore the tank you don’t have to
2:08do this really you can just kill the bias with the Canon black
2:10just at the starter the instant a sign two players to man the cannons
2:14every time they become available optimally it can be done by the tank not
2:18on the ads
2:19and one of the healers said as long as you avoid a wheeze
2:22the really isn’t enough damage to war utilizing both tanks and healers
2:26there’s also frees up all for DPS the football damage on the boss
2:30and the large adds that spawn a force if your group is struggling
2:34feel free to rearrange who has what duty just have them spam there one attack to
2:38mow down the ads
2:39when Bishop goes into a call a week to the cannons
2:42step away from them a few seconds early even if you avoid bishops a Wii
2:47the Caymans explode from the damage do about five to six thousand damage
2:51if there are no more cans behind then focus on finishing off the ad
2:54n4 dps on Bishop until he breaks the ward after he kills the 1st ward
2:59two more candid sets will spawn between these two Canon sets
3:03you’ll notice a tower on the side with the giant harpoon gun at the top
3:07you can use this dragon slayer harpoon a single time
3:10to deal 70,000 damage to the boss its range is
3:14indicated by an orange a we circle in the middle the bridge
3:17assigned one player to activate it at about the time you see in this video
3:21and it should hit this should be a different player from whoevers manning
3:24the cannons
3:25after the 2nd ward is destroyed there will be another tower between the two
3:29set the cannons
3:30however if you fire this one too early this apple just dodge the attack this
3:34time instead
3:36wait until he starts charging up a giant rectangular a week when this happens
3:41have both players assigned to the cannons press the nearby snares
3:45this will change Bishop down in Macon a sitting duck for the dragon slayer
3:50after the 3rd ward is destroyed there’s going to be powder kegs littered across
3:54the path they want to keep the ads
3:56of the kids but keep them nearby the caves when the cake explode Bishop in
4:01the Atlantic a big chunk of damage
4:03there’s also one last Dragonslayer harpoon here so be still not dead by now
4:08use along the snares to ensure it hits also you can either use the single
4:12target let me break to do more damage the bishop
4:14or you can use the major when a break to kill all the ads along with them
4:19put it all together and congratulations you got yourself a win now I would like
4:22to mention that the boss has
4:24just a little bit less HP then turn 8 so it is possible to just 11 tank
4:28one healer and 60 PS desert him down if you’re doing this with friends our free
4:32it probably won’t work out there when the duty finders and you can have two
4:35tanks into healers but
4:37just drawn that idea out there thank you for watching be sure to Like Favorite
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4:43information news guides whatever it is you need but anyway
4:47thanks for watching I’ll see you guys the next video until then take care

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