Either two runs of the Expert Roulette

At least with the oils you knew you were done in so many weeks AND had the option to buy them (for a crap ton i know but still). Umbrite you have one option period. Even with dailies your casually getting 2 to 3 a day at best. My point being that if they can do that with the oil….they could add in another place/way to get umbrite. It just feels weird they give you like 10 different ways to get the sands and then added one for umbrite, went to lunch and forgot to do more.

The problem here is that this whole tomestone system needed in every relic step makes it extremely hard to gear up multiple jobs. Almost everything you do from gear to weapons to relics require the same currency. You are mostly forced to gear up 1 maybe 2 jobs per patch then wait months till stuff gets nerfed to get items for your other jobs when they serve as nothing more than glamours.

I can dig the whole gated content behind artificial limits by using tomestones to force people to stay subscribed and not grinding their arses off for 1 month then wait till the next patch … BUT they should make stuff like the relic questline done via questing ONLY and limit the number of times the quest can be done each week. When they decide to nerf the step they can just remove the weekly limit.


New patch, new step, and…no easing on the Umbrite Grind, nor any other ways to obtain it. It’s kind of ridiculous when you think about it. You need at worst 80 Umbrite for the 230->240 Step. The only way to get it is 300 Lore a shot, working out to 24000 Lore. Meanwhile the new step is a greater leap from 240-260, yet has a pair of repeatable quests that let you earn its item, 17 a week. Then you can buy more tokens with Lore, but they’re half the price of Umbrite! So given a time period of 2 weeks, that’s 34 tokens from the quests, leaving 16 to be bought with Lore, at a cost of 2400. 1/10th the cost of the previous step, if you want to spend it at all.

I have been through every relic step from old to new and i know we have all felt the pain of grind. Im happier to say the atma stuff has seemed….kinder? (accept the unidentified items pre nerf) but a lot of those steps gave you multiple ways to get the items. From beast tribes to tomes to even random chests. Umbrite is a big ol frowny face. If they wanted to leave it just the one way for now they could at least make it have a chance to bonus from the very first one or up how many points you get per turn in by now. Don’t get me wrong though i realize this is one complaint of many along the path to Relics .

It’s just too much. Either two (rewarded) runs of the Expert Roulette, or two runs of ARF will only give me enough for one umbrite. That’s a good hour, for one item, which I’m going to need 60 of. And although people say that the sands are easy, I can’t see any that you can really grind without sinking even more hours than you’d need for the Umbrites. And on top of that, I have no idea how to allocate my stats, because people just give me vague answers, instead of some hard numbers to aim for, so I don’t even see it as being a good weapon when I get to the end of it.

The reason I recommend it is not efficiency. The reason I recommend it is variety. Its not worth finishing the umbrite grind as fast as possible by grinding ARF thirty times a day, the sanity cost is too high. Running the various DR’s brings in a lot of variety. Sure, you’ve done those fights/dungeons many times before, but at least getting a different dungeon keeps the grind from getting too boring. Run ARF too many times afterward if you want, but get that variety in to try to preclude burnout.

The umbrite step is worse than I remember. It feels like you put in a lot of time and effort to get a tiny, almost zero amount of progress because it wants such an insane amount of tomes. And the amount of tomes is the same each time you repeat the quest. I don’t think these type of multi-week grinds should make you spend 100% the same amount of time on repeats when you go back to do other weapons. There isn’t enough content to last through getting hundreds of thousands of tomestones; it is too many hundreds of repeat runs of the same dungeons to upgrade multiple anima weapons. And if we aren’t supposed to collect and upgrade many weapons then why is it repeatable and giving unique achievements for every upgrade of every weapon.

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