Das Tal Adding RPG Features – New Video Released

To support their campaign on the Square Enix Collective, the developers of PvP focused MMO ‘Das Tal’ have released details of their upcoming test schedule, as well as a new video.

The game is in the middle of having all new RPG and Sandbox features added, such as player settlements, resource warfare, crafting and player progression. Those participating in February playtests will get a chance to see the basic versions of these features and give the first round of feedback for their improvement. Sign up for your chance to be a part of the tests here, and view their updated ReadMe to get an idea of the current state of these features.

The new video is an in-depth explanation of all the combat abilities currently in-game, going through each weapon and armor set to give a brief summary of the sort of playstyle that each item might pair well with. The aim is to give people a better idea of how the skill-based, player targeted ‘MOBA meets MMO’ combat system works, as well as being a resource for testers to learn the available abilities.

A few sneak previews of the new Das Tal features will take place over the coming weeks – a private test with their Development Supporters on the 31st of this month, with closed alpha testers on the 1st of Feb and then an open test with all of their alpha sign ups on the 8th of February at 8PM CET.

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