Crafting/Gathering/Farming are all secondary chores done by alts

Ok, I see your point. People should be able to efficiently make a production chain with only one character. And even if not, relying on others to gather what is needed to process to another character, which would supply you as the manufacturer. Now one person can control the whole supply chain, using multiple characters powered by L.P. It doesn’t seem like the problem lies in people being able to eventually control the whole supply chain (by taking time ad effort to master these), but rather just making multiple characters and sitting back and letting time take care of the once “hard work and effort”. Am I understanding right?

Of course, you always have players that will feel that an older verson of the game was better, because it might have fit their personal preferences more. Some of them will then try to turn their personal preference into a statement of fact, rant about the game and often deliberately misconstrue statements made by the developers.


Is not only factually wrong (the economy is doing much much better than in previous tests), but the description on how we, the developers, see the topic learning points is completely made up. In fact, looking into learning points and destiny board progression is one of our core focus points on the road to release.

WOW. Talk about disrespecting someone who has spent a ton of time sticking around trying to improve the game. Not to mention the majority of your community feedback that has a problem with this cash grab premium LP alt trash you’re trying to shove down our throats. Sorry if I’m coming off strong, but seriously surprised you would say something that shitty to Arch out of all people.

And you were 100% right on that statement, there is no difference between an alt and a player doing something, that’s why you have people throwing premium on alts and doing all the roles instead of relying on each other like a true sandbox. The everyone matters trailer is a joke at this point.

Crafting/Gathering/Farming are all secondary chores done by alts rather than players who would gladly take up the roles and be valued by the community like any good sandbox does, but they need to be treated as roles and expanded on rather than boring chores for alts. Stop trying to emulate EvE online, your game is nothing like it, and will never be anything like it, you’re ruining something that could be unique and its own by trying to copy a formula that doesn’t fit into what you’ve built.

There’s nothing wrong with this. You’re investing in a player, who could (if he chooses) take his skills and your investment elsewhere. You’re relying on a player, not an alt, which is exactly the fun scenario a sandbox offers. It sounds like you’re more interested in the results of crafting in terms of large guilds, rather than the gameplay of it experienced by your normal player.

In the case of sharing an account, the risk is high and the majority of people would rather negate that risk by relying on actual players filling those roles. Yes there will be occasional hardcore guilds with people who know each other very closely, sharing and managing accounts for high efficiency. There is no way to negate this though, LP doesn’t negate it either, only amplifies it, and crashes the economy as a whole when everyone is doing it.

There is some truth to this though and this isn’t a hit against Archiemedis who has provided great feedback before. It is just that some of what is said has been twisted and misleading for example: While it is true that the Re-Roller (Reforger as mentioned by Achimedis) caused issues in Beta 1 it was drastically nerfed in Beta 2 but there was no mention of that thus players are “misled” into thinking that this fact posted is still a fact.

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