Blade And Soul Censorship – Censored Gaming Ft. Avalanche Reviews

So for that last scene, they basically changed the whole meaning. In the original version, the guy feels guilty enough to kill himself; as where in the altered version he just gets attacked by monsters, so we don’t really know how he feels about things.

still very different; just “giving up” isn’t nearly as potent as terminating one’s life. If the guy was the Ultimate-Badass-One-Man-Army and decided to just sit down and get mobbed, there might be a tad of what you were getting at, but even then it wouldn’t be on the same level as him off’ing himself.

Localization might as well be censoring at this point. When I think of a game getting localized anywhere, I expect it just to have it’s dialogue/language changed. But now stuff like cut content, altered clothing, different personalities, etc are all common when a game gets localized and it’s retarded how the companies and people defending censorship think it’s ok.

Having played the Chinese version the censorship is mostly lazy and rather ugly. For most of the altered costumes they just painted exposed spots black, like the women are wearing a super skin tight latex body suit under their clothes. Also it creates a lot of fashion oddities, like wearing bikini tops over a fully body suit or a lacy nightgown on top of the jogging shorts + sports bra that replaced the underwear.

It all looks likes a hastily slopped together hack made by an inexperienced modder. It looks like censorship, not naturally planne

There are slight minor censorship/alterations in the game with outfits. For example, the Pale Jiangshi outfit from Mushin Tower drop is slightly censored. Not a major one but it got altered still. You can find picture comparisons on the official forums if you look it up.

Then like the video said, that quest they mentioned is heavily censored. None of the “localized” English text for NA has any of what the original story for that quest has. It now says something about him doing research and asks you to help with it, it has nothing to do with a parody of the common Korean folklore anymore.

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