ArenaNet fights Guild Wars 2 account fraud by limiting gold players can receive and send

As Guild Wars 2 powers toward its third anniversary this year, ArenaNet is continuing efforts to combat growing concerns of account fraud. This week, the studio implemented a limit on the amount of gold players can receive and send, both by in-game mail and Guild Vault withdrawals.

The new limit is account based and works on a weekly schedule, resetting every Sunday at 12:01 AM UTC — that’s 5:01 PM PDT or 4:01 PM PST on Saturday. The Trading Post won’t be affected by the limit.

So how much gold will you be able to send by mail? The limit is currently 500 gold, with that same amount being the maximum you can accept per account in that week (thus applying to Guild Vault withdrawals as well). If you happen to be sent more gold than the limit allows, you will receive the 500, while the rest will be held until the week resets. Any dedicated Guild Wars 2 player can likely tell you that the game has its share of spammers and phishing attempts. This entire system is meant to curb some of those problems as much as possible, “designed to prevent rapid and abusive transfers of gold that may be part of account takeovers, fraud, and RMT (gold selling).”

Of course, the current 500 gold limit may be changed in the future if ArenaNet deems it necessary. However, the devs based their decision on historical data, and ArenaNet’s Gaile Gray notes that this shouldn’t affect “the normal transfer of gold between players.”

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