mmoheros | What makes a Hearthstone player good? Tonight on The Innervated podcast at 21:00 CEST



Following the discussion that blew up after the previous episode of The Innervated about the best players in the world, show’s hosts gather to establish what is the thing that really makes one player good.

Who’s capable of recognizing skill in one Hearthstone player? Experts? Journalists? His or her peers?

And what defines skill? Is it the ability to plan and execute strategies within the game? Is it the constructing and ordering of line-ups? Or is there more to that than just the mechanical and analytical skills?

Nydra, Chiv, Sumadin and their special guest Raven compare both sides of the argument, that of the pro players and that of the “laymen” to see who is (more) right. 

Find out tonight at 21:00 CEST on tonight.

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