mmoheros – Valencia Part 1 Live June 29th

mmoheros - Valencia Part 1 Live June 29th


Black Desert Online receives the major Valencia Part One expansion tomorrow, increasing world size by 30%with a large and treasure-riddled desert area that will require care and preparation to explore.


Can you withstand both the harsh conditions and new threats that await in the sands? — Daum Games


Valencia Part One also adds new weapons, armors, and accessories, such as the Rocaba Armor and Rosar weapons, camel and elephant mounts,hundreds of additional quests, and more.


mmoheros - Valencia Part 1 Live June 29th


With this update, players will also be able to earn a special pet by logging in daily. The penguin will reduce AFK fishing times and help you loot defeated enemies.


Castle Siege and Node warfare
Castle Siege and Node warfare were also recently debuted in Black Desert Online and were tested by a large group of players. Reported issues are currently being addressed, and a second test period will be announced before these PvP modes are permanently added to the game.


mmoheros - Valencia Part 1 Live June 29th


Key Valencia features

More than 500 new quests

New areas to explore

Upgraded enchantment system (+20)

Guild housing

New mounts to ride (Camel and Elephant)

Whale hunting

New crops and crafting recipes


See what you can expect from desert survival and exploration, including the new sandstorm weather effect and more in the Valencia Part One trailer.





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