Two new Whispers reveals brighten our Monday –

Have a cup of tea and a…Faceless Destroyer?!

The start of the week saw two new cards from the upcoming expansion Whispers of the Old Gods being revealed. Rogues get to enjoy a cup of Thistle Tea while all classes may sit down with Twilight Summoner and his undoubtedly stronger offspring, Faceless Destroyer.

Thistle Tea is a rare Rogue spell which draws a card and triplicates it, all for the cost of six mana. At only one mana less than Sprint, the card seems rather highly priced, especially for an arguably worse effect. Rogues’ biggest strength is their flexibility; drawing four cards from your deck is going to be a better option than drawing the same card three times more often than not. As such, it seems that Thistle Tea might have a hard time making it into the Standard meta. As an Arena spell, at least, the card advantage it generates might be worth picking it over other rares.

All of this is assuming that Sprint doesn’t get nerfed, which is certainly possible and would paint Thistle Tea in a different light. And let’s not forget Preparation, another Classic card which could be on the chopping block. If it does survive in its current form, the chance of pulling three Preparations alone could become the cornerstone of a new deck given Preparations strength and flexibility.

Twilight Summoner is an epic 4-mana minion usable by all classes. Its initial 1/1 statline is (obviously) way under budget, but it makes up for this flaw with its Deathrattle; upon dying, Twilight Summoner spawns a 5/5 Faceless Destroyer for a combined 6/6 statline. Whether the extra Health and Attack is going to outweigh the awkwardness of having to “activate” it remains to be seen, but it does seem like an interesting option for midrangey decks looking for minions to trade up. The card costs Tempo initially and is (again, obviously) weak to Silence, but a 5/5 at four mana without a real drawback is a strong addition to the Whispers roster to be sure.

You can follow the reveal of the new expansion with our Whispers of the Old Gods full card list here. 

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