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SWTOR August Producer’s Livestream notes and coverage.

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  • State of the Galaxy
  • Chapter 16
  • PvP Ranked Season 7
  • Events
  • Promotions
  • KOTFE bonus chapter (Shroud of Memory)

State of the Galaxy

  • DvL event legend achievement was bugged for some people and prevented them to be the first person to complete tier 6. Fix incoming next patch.
  • Chapter 16 pushed early due to them moving offices.
  • Pack Opening Experience – some mixed reactions. Opening packs feels slower, team is looking into potential changes. You can spacebar through the animations to make it go faster.
  • Knights of the Fallen Empire ending – lots of things end up unresolved. It was an intentional choice. It is end of the KOTEF chapters but not end of the story. More resolution in the next expansion. We made lots of improvements in the next expansion based on your feedback.
  • Can confirm working on group content. Can’t release details or what type of group content.

PvP Ranked Season 7

  • Season 7 will end with launch of KOTET, which is coming with Fall. They couldn’t talk about Season 7 earlier since it was tied to the launch of expansion and they didn’t want to announce the expansion in advance.
  • Each reward tier receives stronghold decoration and title
  • Second tier reward – unique color crystal
  • Top tier reward – unique creature mount
  • Tier rewards and break down screens coming in September

Featured Community Contribuitors

  • Star Wars Academy – Subscriber milestone
  • SWTOR Central – Review My Stronghold
  • BadfeelingPodcast – Ben Irving interview on the fallen empire experience.

Star Wars Celebration Cantina

  • Probably the largest cantina in history
  • Voice actress for Vaylin was in the cantina.
  • Someone cosplayed HK-47 for the cantina.

Knights of the Eternal Throne

  • Expansion coming in the fall
  • Very excited, lots of huge thing happening. Can’t talk about the artwork either.
  • Full announcement for the expansion to be shared on New York Comic Con Cantina (October 6-9). Cantina will be around October 5 or the 6th and info will be released there.


  • New York Comic Con Cantina
  • Week of the 5th of every month – Featured Cartel Market Sales
  • Special promotions on your game launcher – these promotions are targeted and available to only a subset of players. Look into the launcher for these promotions.
  • 5-Year Anniversary Collage

HK-55 Bonus Chapter

  • Coming September 7
  • Play as HK-55 in a daring escape from the Shroud’s Secret fortress
  • Meet and recruit a new droid companion – Z0-0M.
  • “Super fun and entertaining”, less serious than the Outlander chapters.
  • HK-55 has been captured by The Shroud and taken to his secret fortress in an unspecified planet. It is up to you, HK-55, to escape from the planet.
  • New Alliance Alert – Bonds of Duty also coming Sept 7. Help Rusk clean up the mean streets of Nar Shaddaa. Encounter another infamous companion as well that you may want to brutally murder.
  • Teaser clip shown for HK-55 bonus chapter.

DvL event

  • DvL event will end right before the expansion release, probably 2 weeks before it as they need time to sort out the rewards.


August Producer Livestream Wrap-up | 08.11.2016, 03:49 PM

Hey folks!
For those who missed the stream and are looking for a wrap-up on what we talked about, here ya go!

State of the Galaxy

  • We are working to address DvL players who are unable to complete Tier 6 as soon as possible. We are aiming to have a fix in the next patch we release.
  • The team is looking through feedback on the new pack opening, and looking for places to improve. If you want to speed up the experience you can spacebar through the animation.
  • We know there has been some concerns about story elements that didn’t come to a close in KotFE. This was intentional as those story threads will continue into the future.

PvP Ranked Season 7

  • Season will end with the launch of KOTET
  • Each reward tier will receive a stronghold decoration and title.
  • Second tier will receive a unique color crystal
  • Top tier will receive a unique mount
  • Screenshots and tier breakdown coming in September

Featured Community Contributors

  • SWTORista subscriber milestone
  • SWTOR Central — Review my Stronghold
  • BadFeeling interview with Ben Irving

Knights of the Eternal Throne

  • Full announcement coming at NYCC in October

HK Chapter

  • Bonus chapter coming to eligible subscribers on September 7th
  • New Alliance alert for Rusk. Includes another Companion that players would love to kill…

Thanks everyone for tuning in!


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