Rogue akM at gamescom: "We knew we could beat them" on mmoheros

GosuGamers is on venue at the ESL Atlantic Showdown at gamescom. We are interviewing players throughout the weekend.

The ESL Atlantic Showdown is the biggest Overwatch event we have had to date. With months of qualifiers, all leading up to the LAN finals going on right now at gamescom, this event has already made quite an impact on the scene.

As suits GosuGamers, we are at the venue both to enjoy the matches in person and to provide the community with insight into the minds of the players. We will be interviewing as many players as possible, in order to learn answers to questions like:

  • How did the teams prepare for this event?
  • What is it like playing on such a big stage?
  • How do the players feel about their own team, and their opponents?
  • And many more

The ESL Atlantic Showdown has ended! Rogue was crowned the victor of this first major LAN. In this interview right after the finals, ZP asked aKm about their preparation as well as aKm’s personal improvement. It is safe to say in the end it is all a team effort.

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