Review Round-up: Stellaris will scratch that 4X/Grand Strategy itch while telling your own story –

Today, we published our review of Stellaris, and suffice it to say, we loved it. So we thought we'd take a look at what others are saying about the game around the internet. All in all, opinions are largely positive about the game. It currently holds an average Metacritic score of 79 and a user score of 9.0. However, it's worth noting that not everybody was as in love with the game as we were. That said, here's what others are saying.


"Stellaris is 4X executed to near perfection. Paradox games have always excelled at putting you on the throne of a supreme leader and Stellaris is no exception…a burgeoning space emperor could really not ask for a more logically organised and well-designed tools to rule with."

PC Invasion:

"Messing with your immediate neighbours, attempting to manipulate the demographics of your own species for long-term gain, and creating armies of mindless droids to take over distant worlds with callous zeal are what these games are all about. Stellaris provides all of that."

"There also aren’t any significant non-war reasons for engagement with foreign empires. Trade and espionage don’t exist in Stellaris. Trade in particular seems like a missed opportunity given Stellaris’ systems, as trade could set up chaotic intersections of species and ideologies."

What's your take on Stellaris? Are you interested in exploring the vast unknown frontiers of space? Or do you prefer knowing what's on the horizon with games like Crusader Kings II? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: [Metacritic]

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