mmoheros | Patch 15.06 (Siege War) Postponed

mmoheros | Patch 15.06 (Siege War) Postponed


Daum Games recently stated that the release of Patch 15.06 (Siege War) would be postponed until Friday June 17th.


while preparing the siege war update, planned for June 15th, we ran into some last minute obstacles which brought us to a drastic decision. Unfortunately we have to announce that we will be postponing the Siege Warfare Content Update to Friday June 17th.  — Daum Games


While adapting the new Season 4 Siege feature from the original Korean build of Black Desert Online, which was added a long time after Valencia and after Season 1, 2 and 3, we also had to adapt some features from the Korean build that are not yet supposed to be in our version of the game. Some of those details can, but others can’t be avoided.


What does this mean for the Siege/Node War schedule?


— First node war will begin on Sunday 19.06 between 20:00 — 23:00 CEST (EU) and EDT (NA)
— First siege war will begin on Saturday 25.06 between 20:00 — 23:00 CEST (EU) and EDT (NA)
— Find all details about the weekly schedule >here<



For a full list of Patch Notes please head here.




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