MMOHEROS : The first XCOM 2 mod is, of course, a Corgi Gun

XCOM 2 launched today, and so has the very first user-created mod: The ACORG-47. It’s a gun. But it’s not just a gun. It’s also a corgi.

That’s right, a corgi, as in a deliciously cute little dog with its tongue lolling carelessly from its mouth. And if you think it’s silly, well, you’re not the only one. “I feel legit bad that this is the first XCOM 2 mod to be released,” the developer, JonTerp, wrote in the mod description.

Be that as it may, its leadoff position was immortalized on Twitter by the folks at Firaxis, and they don’t seem bothered by it at all. And why would they be? Maybe it doesn’t fit with the whole grim, end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it motif of XCOM 2, but on the other hand… So adorable! Oh yes he is! Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? You are! Yes you are!


XCOM 2 was designed from the start to be more moddable than its predecessor, with a proper suite of modding tools including a Visual Studio isolated shell app and the Unreal editor used to build the game, plus the script source code and an estimated 50GB of assets. That opens up whole realms of possibilities that just weren’t available in Enemy Unknown, which can only be beneficial to the future of XCOM 2. Not that it isn’t an outstanding game in its own right: Have a look at our XCOM 2 review to find out why.

Good boy!

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