MMOHEROS : The Banner Saga soundtrack is getting a vinyl release

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The Banner Saga was a very beautiful game, in no small part due to its soundtrack. Composed by Grammy award nominated Austin Wintory, it’s full of atmospheric, ye olde European folk music, the likes of which would probably sound very good on vinyl. As the image above suggests, you’ll soon have the opportunity to hear it that way.

Thanks to iam8bit, Wintory’s score will release on double, coloured vinyl later this year. It’ll set you back $40, but that comes with a digital version of the album, too. Pre-orders are open tomorrow, and these things tend to sell out pretty quickly, so if you’re interested in this I’d suggest snapping it up pronto. 

Wintory’s work on The Banner Saga didn’t please everyone: the American Federation of Musicians union wanted to fine him $50,000 for using musicians not affiliated with the union. The organisation later changed that fine to $2,500, which Wintory wasn’t eager to pay, either. You can read a bit more about that spat over here.

In more positive news: The Banner Saga 2 is probably going to happen

Here’s the soundtrack for your listening pleasure:

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