MMOHEROS : Tales of Symphonia will hit Steam in February


It’s been an exceptional year for JRPGs on PC, and 2016 is also looking positive: come February 2 the previously promised Steam port of Tales of Symphonia will arrive. Those who pre-purchased Tales of Zestiria on Steam earlier this year will have the game automatically added to their library. 

Originally released on GameCube in 2003, the game was subsequently ported to PS2 and PS3, the latter in the form of a HD remaster, which will likely form the basis of the PC port. There are tonnes of Tales Of… games, but this is probably the one that made the most impact. The system requirements were released back in July, and you can check them out here

The Symphonia release date follows news earlier today that the forthcoming Tales of Berseria will release in the west, and it’s no surprise: Bandai Namco has clearly received the message that these games have an audience on PC. If you’re in the mood for a JRPG, we’ve compiled a handy list of games available on PC.

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