MMOHEROS : New Adr1ft trailer teases zero-g gameplay and astronaut dreams

The first accolade in the new Adr1ft “Clair de lune” trailer states, “Adr1ft brings your childhood dream of being an astronaut to life.” My childhood is a good many years behind me, but I can say with complete confidence that my dreams of being an astronaut (and I did, for the record, want to be one) did not ever include a bit about being trapped in low Earth orbit with no way to get home after my space station was destroyed in a horrific accident.

Orbital catastrophe notwithstanding, Adr1ft looks absolutely gorgeous, and our hands-on from last year makes it sound legitimately unique and exciting. I do wonder how it will fare on Steam, though, and whether Adr1ft as a game can live up to its promise as a VR experience. That’s a word that gets used in conjunction with Adr1ft an awful lot, after all; it’s even described on Steam as a “first person experience.”

Adr1ft will be out on Steam and the Oculus Rift on March 28. Find out more at

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