MMOHEROS : Mod Arnold Schwarzenegger into XCOM 2

You might expect this post to be filled with a flurry of Schwarzenegger quotes, but to hell with you, I’m the party pooper and I don’t do requests. This mod by tdc733 adds a Governator voice pack to XCOM 2, drawing lines from action gold like Terminator, Predator, Total Recall and Commando.

Need an evac? Get to the choppa! But it’s the stream of expletives and lamentations that follow a ridiculous miss that makes Arnie most endearing. It could just be the video, but the volume might be a little off for certain lines—Steam users are reporting that Arnold’s signature screams are too quiet to hear, never mind curdle the blood of his enemies—but as a novelty it has Thomas the Tank Engine beat at the very least. Equip your face paint and cigar and do it. Do it now!

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