MMOHEROS : Just Cause 3 suffers bumpy launch

Just Cause roped man

It seems all that hi-tech grappling hardware that Rico Rodriguez lugs about hasn’t been enough to save Just Cause 3 from a rough launch. Our reviewer, Andy, got off lightly by the looks of things, because fellow critics and Steam users alike are filing reports of shonkiness, from stuttering to missing terrain and a host of online issues.

It’s currently sitting on a ‘Mixed’ rating on Steam, and for a game with this many fireballs that tends to mean something’s gone wrong. At present, the issues appear pretty indiscriminate, but among the unlucky most of the reports relate to sudden unexplained framerate drops while a few claim regular crashes.

Sporadic disconnects from Square Enix’s servers, which are used to monitor leaderboards for assorted stats like longest airtime, are making a proper nuisance of themselves: every time the connection drops out you’ll need to thumb-twiddle for a minute or so before Just Cause acknowledges that you might want offline mode. Each and every time you open the menu, however, it impotently attempts the process again like it wants points for effort.

For AMD users, current wisdom is to update to beta drivers (v. 15.11.1). As for the rest of you, there’s a brand spanking new set of GeForce drivers (v. 359.06) that claim to be Just Cause 3-ready, although I am finding it hard to work out how that’ll help the server-side hiccups. If either looks like a miracle fix, we’ll let you know.

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