MMOHEROS : Indivisible, the 2D action-RPG by Skullgirls devs, has been funded


After one of the most effective marketing campaigns in recent crowdfunding memory, Indivisible has reached and exceeded its $1,500,000 IndieGogo asking price. That means if you enjoyed the playable prototype – which is still available on the IndieGogo page – you can expect more in 2017. 

Of course, being a crowdfunding campaign, there are stretch goals. These are outlined in more detail on the IndieGogo page, but if the team reaches $1,650,000 legendary composer Hiroki Kikuta will contribute more music to the game, while $1,900,000 will allow for an animated opening by Titmouse and a “Mystery Anime Studio”.

More stretch goals could come, depending on the success of these ones. “Most gameplay-oriented additions are being considered as content for a post-release expansion,” the teams writes. “The budget we’ve presented is for our full vision for Indivisible, but we have plenty of ideas for stretch goals, should we be fortunate enough get to that point.

“If we get to them, we have two primary aims in mind for Indivisible’s stretch goals: make the game into an even better game and more desireable product, without greatly extending the development schedule of the core game. As such, most gameplay-oriented additions are being considered as content for a post-release expansion.”

Whatever the case, a 2D action-RPG in the vein of Valkyrie Chronicles, developed by the studio responsible for one of the prettiest 2D games in recent memory, is not something to be sniffed at.

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