MMOHEROS : Humble Bundle's Spring Sale is a bit good

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

It’s still Spring I guess, so here’s Humble Bundle getting into the spirit of things with an impressive bunch of discounts on quite good games. There’s a range of twelve-hourly, daily and two-daily sales going on, and this here page will be refreshed frequently. For now, you can buy the likes of Deadly Premonition, Legend of Grimrock, Antichamber and Rogue Legacy for very little money.

The Spring Sale runs for the next couple of weeks, and here’s a wee list of today’s highlights.

  • Deadly Premonition – £1.99
  • Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – Â£3.79
  • Nidhogg – Â£2.99
  • Ziggurat – Â£5.49
  • Guacamelee – £2.87
  • System Shock 2 – £0.69
  • The Long Dark – £7.49
  • Unity of Command – Â£2.99
  • Legend of Grimrock – £1.99
  • Rogue Legacy – Â£1.99
  • Antichamber – Â£1.29

Additionally, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter can be yours for a paltry £4.99, but only for the next couple of hours. That’s a great price for a beautiful game with probably the best soundtrack of last year.

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