MMOHEROS : Heroes of the Storm gets new Towers of Doom map

Blizzard has released a new tug-of-war themed map for Heroes of the Storm. Towers of Doom. Apparently different to any other battlegrounds currently found in the Nexus, players can’t destroy the opposing team’s core without first capturing towers around the battlefield. 

Players start with three towers under their command, with three more to capture from opponents. The more you capture, the more you can damage the opponent’s core later in the game using projectiles, activated by spawning altars—Blizzard details the intricacies of this new map, including a not-too-friendly, cannon-heavy area in front of the opponent’s core called the killzone, in the video above. WoW’s Headless Horseman is also featured as a boss in Towers of Doom.

Blizzard has tweaked the map rotation for now as well to make sure HOTS players get the chance to sample it.

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