MMOHEROS : GTA 5 mod unleashes terror from the skies

12f53e Angryplanesfinal

Chris highlighted Angry Planes in our updated list of the best GTA 5 mods, but I’m going to give it some extra attention. I love mods that give GTA’s NPCs the tools to fight back against its murderous protagonists. Pedestrian Riots is a firm favourite, and this looks equally absurd.

Put simply, it spawns lots of planes nearby, and makes them all hate you. Cue video:

Mostly the planes will attempt to shoot you down, but you can also enable a ‘Kamikaze’ mode—which is a little dark. However you like your death from above, I can’t imagine lasting long amid this aerial assault.

As always, the standard GTA 5 mod caveats apply. Namely, be sure to delete this and any other mods before going online.

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