MMOHEROS : Force is strong with Fallout 4 lightsaber mod

Fallout 4 lightsaber mod

The lightsaber may be an elegant weapon from a more civilized age, but it will cut through raiders just as well in the uncivilised wastes of Fallout 4. Modder Invalidfate has modded the Jedi weapon of choice in four fetching shades: red, green, blue and pink. they go “ktshhhh” when you activate them, and “vroom” when you swing them, and they even cast a little light on your surroundings. You can download the mod from the Fallout Nexus.

Invalidfate uses a bathrobe and a Darth Vader mask to complete the look, which does rather make it look like Vader’s been caught on the toilet. Great work nonetheless.

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Ta, VG247.

Vader bathrobe

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