MMOHEROS : Fallout 4 beta patch improves stability, fixes terminals bug

Fallout 4

Fallout companions get a lot of flak, sometimes literally, for standing in places they shouldn’t—often doorways or large pools of fire. Turns out the Wanderer is just as bad. I haven’t encountered this particular bug yet but it’s possible to become permanently glued to a computer terminal (this time metaphorically, more’s the pity). Bethesda hopes to tear you away from the screen with its latest beta patch, which you’ll need to opt into on Steam to download now.

The patch notes are short, sweet and vague, with “general memory and stability improvements” topping the three-strong list. If you must know the third item, it’s “performance improvements inside the Corvega Assembly Plant”. That could mean either clever optimisation or a motivational speech.

As ever, Bethesda recommends you back up your saves before installing a beta patch. And let’s be honest, that’s good advice at any point in a Bethesda game.

Thanks, VG24/7.

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